Here’s a run down of some of the more interesting forum threads posted during the past week.

    Returning Unique items

    • GuardianHadriel brings up the idea of maybe which Unique items should return from Diablo 2 into Diablo 3

    Item differences

    • Noodie brings up the topic about how he liked in d2 where you could have magic, rare and crafted items with different mods,  and hopes that D3 wont be like WoW with more gear sets.

    Ideas on making gold more useful?

    • Visom comes with a few ideas on how to make gold more valuable.

    Theoretical Cooldown System: Will Blizzard Employ?

    • In the Barbarian forum,  Voriax brings up an idea about cooldowns for some moves the barb uses when they moves don’t cost any fury.

    What do you guys think about Leeching and Rushing?

    • CCCenturion brings up his opinion about Leeching and Rushing in diablo 3.

    PvP – Rewards & Items

    • Teky brings up the point about hoping if blizzard did pvp leagues and ladder; that they don’t give out pvp specify gear.

    PvP HC Dueling without Permanent Death

    • DonkeyHunter suggests that D3 implement some sort of special Hardcore dueling option, that would not lead to permanent character death. The conversation soon turns snippy, with allegations of “carebear,” the HC-version of Godwin’s Law, tossed around.

    Leord’s on vacation for a couple of weeks, and in his absence I’ll be doing my best to carry the mantle of the Forum Watch. If you see any threads of extraordinary interest please PM me. Thanks!

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