Forum Watch #24

Since last week and the 1-year anniversary of Diablo III’s announcement, the Diablo 3 forums have been busy as usual. If you don’t have the time to read it all, or just want to have the obviously interesting threads pointed out to you, the Forum Watch is back with a load of highlights.

As usual, if you find any threads that you feel are of extraordinary interest e-mail to inform us!

Difficulties, should they return?

  • Normal, Nightmare, Hell… Some like ’em, some (including raveharu) don’t.

Level 20 skills?

  • sicilian talks of less exciting skill progression past level 30 in D2, and how D3 can be better.

Different Orb Types

Will my computer be able to run Diablo 3?

  • WhiteNinjaHero asks a question that is starting to appear on many people’s lips. An additional thread or two also talks tech.

Fan class: The Alchemist

  • DiabloWiki user Kire has spent quite a lot of energy making an interesting class out of potions!

Old Heroes vs. New Heroes

  • AtomicJ brings this interesting discussion back. Should we put the heroes against each orther?

Pay for Hardcore Char Resurrection?

  •’s own Flux brings up the news about a possible feature for dead HC characters, but do we really want it?

That’s all for now, remember to report interesting threads to !

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1 thought on “Forum Watch #24

  1. This skill works roughly like black arrows from wc3, and should be quite useful in specific situations. I know people (especially in diablo)would rater spend their irraplacable skill points in upping that focus skill; but in this case, i think blizzard may consider making this skill a cheep means of grinding. Saying this saddens me abit, them putting all this effort and time into a skill that people may reluctantly choose over beefing up the skills they believe make the difference in what makes their character 1337, over being spethal.  …anyway, i think it will be a nondamage type, simalar to static field in ways of usefulness and not damage type. And is my comment too long?

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