It has been a good week in the forums so far. Unfortunately we didn’t see much Diablo-related news when the StarCraft fanatics talked about multiplayer and Battle.net with Blizzard over in Irvine, but at least the StarCraft II LAN discussion has thankfully not really reached the D3 community.

    This is a special week, with about a year ago since the Diablo III announcement, and Flux has been busy trying to summarize the events of the past year in his first and second review (more to come). Inspired by Flux we have mixed up an interesting list of threads from the forum with varying relevance to the one-year anniversary.

    As usual, if you find any threads that you feel are of extraordinary interest e-mail to inform us!

    Somewhat Official Diablo 3 Release Date Pool

    • Mad Mantis’ (our Necromancer & Witch Doctor Moderator) ultra-classic betting thread. Many of the bets seems to have failed already, but new ones keep popping in!

    I feel D3 is too much like WoW because…

    • Always a hot potatoe, this massive thread/poll by Demetrium has been reincarnated. Have a go yourself!

    How do you feel about monster immunities?

    • A great way to balance a game, forcing players to use skills tactically, or just stupid? Intereting topic by Neltharion.

    My take on a Bard class

    • Technomancer, the author of the Arcane Warrior/Elemental Warrior is back with another fan class. He tries his skill on the classic D&D Bard, which immediately became a popular topic. I assume we’ll see the class in DiabloWiki soon enough!

    Auction Houses – No thank you.

    • Kickstarting his Diii.net career, commonhumans start one of two interesting threads, and the first one is about trading. There are a lot of pros and cons between the bartering of Diablo II and the Auction house of WoW, but even if there is resistance to AHs among fans would it be enough to stop Blizzard from adding it?

    Getting more serious

    • The second thread by commonhumans is a more in-depth speculation post about classes. Well worth a read.

    The First Year – Fan Art

    • Resident fan artist VioletJoker has made a special picture and a special thread to commemorate the one year anniversary. It’s a nice fan art collage that will suit any PC.

    Will my computer be able to run Diablo 3?

    • This extraordinarily important question is asked by WhiteNinjaHero, despite the fact there are no known minimum requirements for Diablo III yet. Fear not however, since I have called for the fabulous Kalos, who shortly will answer any and all known and unknown PC stat questions!

    That’s all for now, remember to report interesting threads to !

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