Diablo III area wishes, complicated abbreviations, hacks and network play are topics among this week’s Forum Watch. There has also been further interest in the DiabloWikifan classes added to the Class forum as well as DiabloWiki.

    If you’re interested in the community, but can’t be arsed to read them all, at least read these ones and give your input. As usual, if you find any threads that you feel are of extraordinary interest drop us a mail at to inform us!

    Areas in D2 you want to see in D3
    satheron has a vision. Do you?

    D3 Acronyms and Abbreviations
    Flux has revisited the list of acronyms and abbreviations for D3. Now he asks if there are any typical abbreviations for D3 we need to add.

    Will Diablo 3 Support TCP/IP play?
    New member Death And Taxes speculates beyond the title of the actual topic. It’s confirmed that D3 will be LAN-less, but is this good or bad?

    CAPTCHA prompt when starting a game in Diablo 3?
    Celebrating his sixth year at Diii.net this month, CombatShrine has an idea to stop bots in Diablo III.

    The Channeler
    Featured DiabloWikifan class of this week is Chorkstain’s DiabloWikicaster class The Channeler. A good candidate for DiabloWiki perhaps? If you want to help Chorkstain with that, or make your own, take a look at this skill tier help thread by LaZer and this great list of name sugestions by commonhumans.

    Am I the only one planning SP before Bnet?
    Clair de Lune is wondering if more people will start with single player Diablo, or head straight for Battle.net.

    That’s all for now, remember to report interesting threads to !

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