There has been more discussions about possible 4th and 5th classes since last week’s addition of fan classes to DiabloWiki. Even if you only have a skill tree and a general idea, make sure to add it, before someone else nicks the class name! You find some help on how to do it here.

    If you’re interested in the community, but can’t be arsed to read them all, at least read these ones and give your input. As usual, if you find any threads that you feel are of extraordinary interest drop us a mail at to inform us!

    D3 Ladder Season

    • With a working economic system, will we need a D3 Ladder, asks veteran member MaLiC.

    D3 Economics 101

    • Game economy is a very important topic, which sbn discuss in a forum thread.

    Please… no more information

    • With all the praise the D3 team gets, it’s only fair with a little criticism. Romak isn;t too happy about the change from Diablo II…

    Fan class: The Mentalist

    • This time we look at CCCenturion’s Mentalist, another possible fan class. Hopefully CCCenturion adds it to the Diablo Wiki collection (like the Arcane Warrior that now has a portrait made by Boqu!).

    Spice up mana management in d3!

    Skills maxed at 5-20… I want more.

    • Quantity over quantity… stillman wants more skill, regardless.

    That’s all for now, remember to report interesting threads to !

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