The Diablo 3 forums have been as active as ever, with some new hot threads as well as topics from last year that just keeps getting replies. If you’re interested in the community, but can’t be arsed to read them all, at least read these ones and give your input!

    As usual, if you find any threads that you feel are of extraordinary interest drop us a mail at to promote it!


    • Drakk feels Blizzard needs more respect.

    Mephisto and Baal

    • Last year’s conspiracy theory by fromtheshadow’s has had an upswing in popularity.

    D3 Achievements

    No Hostility in D3

    • Hardcore or not hardcore. Full_Circle’s thread about true death has got a new fire.

    Confirmed: no LAN play

    • Wiki contributor Azymn’s thread about playing Diablo in multiplayer without Battle.net continues. Almost 25 pages now!

    Wallpaper and Forum Signature Requests

    • Newly appointed Fan Creation Forum moderator Holyknight3000 and his small team of artists are still taking requests for wallpapers as well as forum signatures.

    Arcane Warrior

    That’s all for now, remember to report interesting threads to !

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