We return once more to the deep jungles of the Diablo III forums, finding both a volcano of super-hot topics, a flavour of the day class suggestion and a beautiful forest queen (a female DiabloWikiWitch Doctor)!

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    Town Portal abuse – it’s time to end it.

    • Since it was posted by raveharu, no less than 13 pages of comments have been made on the topic.

    Are you satisfied with the Diablo3 classes?

    • New Diii.net member Jimbob hits a nerve.

    No Baal Runs!!!

    • Posted earlier this week, JonoLith’s protest has been quite a hot topic.

    Magic Find items….

    • A staple Diablo II feature discussed by Evil Storm.

    Crafting and Runes

    • Regardless of what you think of Knight_Wolf’s ideas, we’ve seen many threads related to crafting. It seems apparent fans want SOME sort of crafting system!

    Bard: is this a possible class?

    • Ishtor is the author of the “flavour of the week” fan-made class.

    Witch Doctor Girl Art

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