In the latest Forum Watch, we’re looking at some fan reflections of Diablo III and a little new fan art as well. If you don’t patrol the myriad of Diablo III forums, this Forum Watch should put you right on track! If you have any tips on a good thread needing further attention, just send us an e-mail to to promote it!

    This is a small selection of the most interesting threads in the last few days that we feel you really shouldn’t miss!

    Skill icons more like Diablo II

    • Our new member eliot thinks that the skill icons should be more inspired by Diablo 2.

    BlizzCast 8 Pictures looks like Blizzard hates kids

    • Quite funny find: It looks like the DiabloWikiBarbarian is killing kids, or so say qOcOp anyway…

    Weapons meant for Diablo 3!

    • akatsukimem was inspired by asian weapons, started a discussion about Diablo 3 weapons that’s still going.

    Are there things about D3 you don’t like so far?

    • While it’s hard to know much about the game this early, Ishtor asks if there are things you dislike so far.

    Witch Doctor is perhaps NOT the new Necromancer

    Wizard Fan Art

    • New DiabloWikiWizard fan art by softshack! It’s a piece of a bigger picture, but if you encourage him to post more, we might get to see the whole thing… Check out the Fan Creation forum for more.

    New Class Idea – Illusionist

    • Mandatory class speculation idea by gerbele: The Illusionist! Also, don’t miss the class speculation poll.

    That’s all for now, remember to report interesting threads to !

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