Forum Watch #17

If you have not kept up to date with all the interesting aspects of the Diablo 3 Forums, a Forum Watch should put you right on track! We hope you haven’t forgotten that you can just send us an e-mail to to promote interesting or heated topics that have caught your eye.

This is a small selection of the most interesting threads in the last few days that we feel you really shouldn’t miss!

So how can a punk wizard…

  • Has Ouroboros stumbled upon some interesting Wizard lore aspects connected to the World Stone?

Simple Solution to PKing

  • Long going discussion reinvigorated recently by PKCharum.

Alternative solutions to Mana and Health orbs

  • Health Orbs and Mana Orbs have been a topic of discussion and cloak says he has an idea that could be better.

D2 Classic Players Won’t Like D3

  • A bold statement by the V made the other week, which is still debated.

We’re old…

  • Will we have grown out of gaming when D3 is released? HappyAssassin is reminessing.

What’s that Wizard the explosion spell?

  • CognitionX is nitpicking the Wizard trailer and others pitch in.

That’s all for now, remember to report interesting threads to !

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1 thought on “Forum Watch #17

  1. The lore from Diablo 1 was a lot better than the lore offered in 2. The audio books were very engaging and the voice acting very realistic. I hope that much was taken from D1 because I actually loved listening to the audio books over and over again. Very nice.

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