This week has been different when choosing the watched forum threads in that there has been no submitted forum threads! I hope you haven’t forgotten that you can just pop me an e-mail at to promote threads that have caught your eye in the last few days.

    In lieu of that, we’ve just tried to pick a number of interesting threads ourselves that we feel you really shouldn’t miss!

    The Den of Evil Off Topics

    • Gamekk’s very long going and popular off-topic thread is not to be missed. Well worth a gander.

    Fallen Shaman – work in progress

    • The now famous, and misfortunate, Delowyn made a major update to his Fallen.

    Will Deckard Cain Die?

    • Quite interesting topic by peasant, that deserves it’s resurrection

    Item Appearance on Your Character

    Necromancer 2

    • Dedicated Necro paulblasi4 brings up connections to Diablo lore to motivate a Necromancer class return.

    Besides Delowyn’s quite marvellous Fallen, we’ve also had several new fan artists popping up in the Fan Art Forum, and it’s well worth lookign through. It’s obviously also nice to compliment a good artist, if we want to see more of his work! Besides that, it’s just about time we all owned up to fancying the female Barbarian!

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