Forum Watch #15

Thanks everyone for submitting interesting threads last week, and we’re very sorry if your submission did not make it this week. If it’s still a hot discussion in a few days, send it in again! As always, drop your mails to . If you are one of our many new members, do hop over to the forums and introduce yourself!

And now over to these picks of the Diablo 3 Forums:

Maybe Blizzard knows what’s best for us?

  • A quite explosive topic by visom about the design choices Blizzard makes, in relation to fans.

Wizard skill look like Star Wars

  • One of our new members, veteran player finds some chocking similarities between the DiabloWikiWizard and a laser cannon!

Grug’s thing a Day

  • Slightly weird name for an excellent thread on suggestions for D3 by Grug.

Old Heroes vs. New Heroes

  • A little piece of lore is always nice. Another one by the Grug.

Massive fan-art in the making by DefiledVisions

New Fan Artist: GavinUnit

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