A new Wednesday is upon us, and so is another Forum Watch. Thanks everyone for submitting interesting threads last week, and we’re very sorry if your submission did not make it this week. If it’s still a hot discussion in a few days, send it in again! As always, drop your mails to .

    If you are new to the Diablo 3 forums, go ahead and introduce yourself, and then head over to these picks of the week:

    The “Things I f’n love about D3” thread

    • Yes, D3 is so good that it’s worth swearing, but not in the forums. Our somewhat new member Ouroboros is quite excited, regardless.

    Weapon levelling anyone?

    • Mackemradge has a quite interesting idea about leveling up weapons.

    Fallen Shaman – work in progress

    Soda isn’t water yet they are both liquids

    • Enough is enough! Demetrium points out that D3 is NOT WOW. Stop complainign so much!

    Why not use CAPTCHA to stop bots?

    • The second thread by Ouroboros on the Watch. Re-run from last week as it’s highly popular.

    Respec System

    • To have one, and how it should look… Discussions have started anew recently on Bladewind’s thread.

    Get Talking Story, Plot & Theme!

    • Lynchgrinch is tired of the lack of lore discussion, and he does manage to grab people’s attention!

    4th or 5th class guesswork

    • The almost ever active thread by Valamyr is still going.

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