Welcome to the lucky-number Forum Watch! The thirteenth Forum Watch is full of gameplay-related threads for Diablo 3, with gambling, PvP, art, monsters, bots mechanics runes and a fan-made class suggestion. Thank you a bunch for all your suggestions of good threads over the past week, and please continue to send us tips at !

    Don’t forget to check out the Affix thread, where we collect ideas for Item affixes for Boys (and Girls) in Blue when you have a look-see over some of the highlights of the past week:

    What about gambling?

    • Gambling has been discussed in the community for D3 before, but this time, sicilian made the discussion really get heated…

    Wtf no PVP?

    • Some want free PK, other don’t. Durin does, and discussion ensues.

    Do you feel iffy about the art style of Diablo 3?

    • Slightly shortened thread title to fit this article, but JayofTeror’s thread from 2 months back is now on epic porportions with 33 pages and going strong. I guess the DiabloWikiArt controversy isn’t quite over…

    Metric Monsters

    Why not use CAPTCHA to stop bots?

    • Even with a brand new Battle.net, there will be bots and cheaters. Blizzard can do things to stop them though, and it might be easier than scanning your PC’s memory for bot-code. Ouroboros has an idea…


    • To keep or not to keep technical limitations from D2 to get the same feel is the question Drytchnath is asking. The thread has been revived in the last week or so. Would you like to have Breakpoints back in D3?

    Cool rune combos to drool over…

    • Adrammalech is mixing idea combinations on what cool effects DiabloWikirunes and DiabloWikiskills could have in DiabloWikiDiablo 3. Well worth a look, and perhaps add a few suggestions yourself!

    Class idea: A bit of everything

    • Our dear ExtraCrispy has this week’s new class suggestion, and it’s a little bit of everything…

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