It’s a while now since the last forum watch at Diii.net, but since the discussions on the boards literary has exploded the last couple of weeks, it has been on the agenda for some time. Taking a break from nerding about in the lore section of DiabloWiki.net, I wanted to highlight a couple of quite interesting Diablo 3 threads that have been active in the last week or so! If you’re not too active on the forums, or mostly just lurk about in your own favourite ones, you might still be interested in one of these topics:

    Returning Monsters
    What do you think will return to haunt us in Diablo III? ScorchedIce would like Death Knights.

    Name change for Wizard?
    qOcOp thinks “Wizard” sounds too generic. What do you think?

    Thoughts on Death Proof Characters (Barbarians)
    What balance issues will the skill Death Proof create? Stillman has some interesting thoughts.

    Leaked Info on the Remaining Classes?
    JSLAW is asking if leaked class info could be real. What do you think?

    Help Re-Name Witch Doctor Skills
    Some Witch Doctor names are cool and Naja is trying to improve the less cool ones. Why not help out?

    4th or 5th class guesswork
    And lastly, make sure not to miss Diii.net’s 4th or 5th class guesswork. Some possibilities are hotter than others, and guesswork is always fun.

    We have also updated the gallery with a host of Diablo I images. Some of those are quite interesting. More about that after the jump.

    This is the three Diablo I classes: Warrior, Sorcere and Rogue. You can also find other artwork from the manual in the Character Art Gallery, including things like the Sigil of the Horadrim.

    You see here the Zombie, Hidden and Goatman of Diablo I. In the Monster Art Gallery there are a lot of the old monsters in a slightly higher resolution render (albeit black and white), and also the sigils of Diablo, Baal and Mephisto.

    Lastly, the Environment Art Gallery got some art of Sanctuary statues of Angels and demons.

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