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With the increase in forum registrations since release I’ve been getting more and more emails regaring banned email addresses and it was only today I realised the error message people received is a little misleading. It simply said that ‘your email address is banned’. It is not your email account specifically that is ‘banned’, it’s the domain. Hotmail, gmail and live email domains were blocked from registration on the forums because the vast majority of spammers/scammers seem to be on those domains and we were also getting a lot of bounces back from those providers, thousands in fact.

For some reason some mails are received fine, but more don’t make it than do. This of course means people never receive their activation mails. This is a problem with the above providers, not ourselves, and while we have tried to get this rectified from our end, there is no movement from any of the above. If users feel annoyed at this then they need to contact the above explaining their issue. We have done all we can with it.

I’ve changed the forum error message today to reflect the real reason. So, if you registered before and were left thinking you personally had been banned, you weren’t. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

UPDATE: We have unblocked those email domains now but added a notice to the registration page to be clear that only a few of the activations emails make it through to those domains and any that don’t we are unable to help you with.

For the people in the comments below who were eager to register today but were concerned they couldn’t because of their email addresses, you can try now.

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22 thoughts on “Forum Registration Emails

  1. Exactly.  I’d rather use my hotmail email then my personal work one.  Those are the only two I have.  Why punish the majority of the people for the minority of the spammers.  Banning hotmail, gmail and live is NOT a good thing.

  2. Is this real life?

    This is honestly the worst idea. I use my gmail for everything and I’m not about to go and find some other email account to use the forum. I have a feeling MOST of your users use either gmail or hotmail. You’ve effectively nuked your own site to kill a few insects.

  3. So, am I expected to use my work email address? Because, well, that’s the only non-gmail/hotmail account I have.

    Tell us you’re joking. I can understand the problem, but not the solution. 

    • My work address _is_ a Gmail address. I’m lucky to work at a company that is sufficiently progressive to have migrated to Gmail. (Trivia: so has the entire government of California).

  4. I only added hotmail last week. gmail and live have been there for ages, so nothing has changed on that front. It goes without saying (or but maybe not) that if you’ve registered with those email addresses previously then you are registered.

    Also we get hundreds of hotmail emails bounced back every day.


    • While I still disagree with this solution, you need to make it clear that people who are already registered don’t have to re-register, as the current wording makes it seem like users are banned if they have registered with an account from, for example, Gmail.

      Further, I just want to repeat that I still think this is a horrendous idea and it melts my mind.

      Also, I’m not sure how long this has been in effect, because I registered with a Gmail account only a few months ago.

    • I’m confused at the fact that Gmail has been banned for ages but I sucessfully registered this account using my email address on 6th June.
      I must have some kind of stealth Gmail account 😀

  5. What a load of crap. Let’s send in smart bombs to destroy an anthill in Africa.

    So, there are ZERO spammers using a Yahoo email address? Amazing!  🙄


  6. So you are going to turn off 90% of the new people and send them to other fan sites just because you can’t come up with a better way to stop spam?

  7. Lol, they ban those and not much more obvious one like Mailinator.

    What a bunch of clueless noobs.

    • Derr, of course it’s banned. That one is banned when forums are set up. And read the news item, it would take you a matter or minutes, maybe less if you move your lips. They’re not now banned.

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