Forum Light Show

OMGMembers may have noticed the light show display we’ve been putting on in the forums today. Before you reach for the smelling salts, fear not, we are messing about in the css today so you will notice lots of squiffy alignment issues, font weirdness and images going awol. Bear with us while we wrestle with it all. The forums are still usable, you just have to hunt down the required buttons and links, it’s as conventional as a Picasso in there right now. Apols.

Update: We’ve stopped playing with the forums now so you may enjoy the forums once more. Thank you for your patience.

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13 thoughts on “Forum Light Show

  1. Squiffy? Squiffy.

    That’s new to me. I like it. I will be stealing that egregiously from here on out.

    • Actually the main forum db templates died and had to be recovered, but they died too or something. I wasn’t involved in the process but I heard the curses 😀

  2. Just a tip:

    You can use Firebug to test css changes without having to update the actual files.

    It’s way faster, and doesn’t break stuff.

    • Yeah we do use that. It was more than CSS but I cba to go into it. I just wanted an explanation in the news to alert people to the mess to stop the PMs/Emails/IMs etc.

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