As we prepare for launch you will have noticed last week and earlier this week that forums have been reshuffled and new specific Diablo 3 forums have emerged from the wings. Well, they’ve been waiting there for 6 years. It’s about time. To recap on the new ones:

    Diablo 3 Newcomer – Yes, you guessed it. This is for people who haven’t been hitting F5 on the site for the last 6 years devouring every morsel of information. If you’re new on the scene and are still at the stage of ‘Who? Where? What, no skill points you say?!” Feel safe to ask your questions. If you’re knowledgeable, make yourself useful while you wait for release and go help a newcomer out.

    Player Matchup – This has been online for a couple of weeks now and seems to be serving its purpose well. I’ve put a few posting guidelines in place for advertising of guilds as it was getting a bit bump-tastic in there. That forum is for individuals and guilds to find and advertise for playpals.

    Strategy – The class forums were consolidated into a Diablo 3 Strategy Forum category (mirroring what we have for the old D2 ones). There are two new ones in that category.

    Hardcore, which Zappafan will moderate and he’ll continue to moderate the D2 Hardcore forum.

    Also, (and this one may appear a little left field), there is the Diablo 3 Single Player forum. The Diablo 2 SP Forum has a flavour of its own and it enjoys a very friendly community and they really wanted to just shift to D3 and not to split up across the general/class forums. And even though a single player game isn’t in D3 per se, this forum is for those who like to play solo and want discussion based around that. As with the D2 one Thyiad will moderate.

    Trade Values Forum – If you trade here you’ll know about the Trade Value Forum. We have a D2 one and now we have a D3 one. This forum is simply for asking for advice on what you should/could sell an item for or what you should expect to pay for an item. When creating a thread you’ll see a drop down box with Prefixes select the appropriate one so people can easily identify which currency you are talking about. There are posting guidelines in there if you’re unclear how to use the forum.

    Spoiler tag. There is a new option when creating a thread. You’ll see above the box you type your thread title in a drop down with ‘Spoiler in’. Do I need to explain what that’s for? Use it.

    The Beta forum and Datamined information forums are now sub forums of the Diablo 3 general forum. The beta forum posts will be merged with the general forum at some point when we’re beyond the spoiler time frame.

    Finally a note on the Diablo 2 forums and what the future holds for them. Dunno. I think there will be some merging perhaps, some collapsing of categories to make the main page easier on your mouse scroller but we’ll just play it by ear.

    If you just want to look at a list of forums you can see them here. Delve in.

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