Amusing photo of a game box that appears to be from the distant future. It’s Diablo V, with rather um… different graphics. And better yet, it’s not just D5… it’s the “expansion set!” We’ll clearly have to do some major updating in the DiabloWikiDiablo Wiki to accommodate this…

    I’m sure you guys have realized this but no, this isn’t a real Blizzard product. It’s an example of Shanzhai, counterfeit goods sold in China with fake brand names on them. I asked Secondii of Diablo3.cc about this, and he pointed me to a whole gallery on their site with pictures of this sort of thing from Chinese software. “Blizzard” and “Diablo” logos abound on games that clearly have nothing to do with the actual company or franchise. Let the buyer beware.

    Thanks to Fmulder for finding the shot, and for Secondii of Diablo3.cc for details about it.

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