Forget Diablo 3, How About Diablo V?

Amusing photo of a game box that appears to be from the distant future. It’s Diablo V, with rather um… different graphics. And better yet, it’s not just D5… it’s the “expansion set!” We’ll clearly have to do some major updating in the DiabloWikiDiablo Wiki to accommodate this…

I’m sure you guys have realized this but no, this isn’t a real Blizzard product. It’s an example of Shanzhai, counterfeit goods sold in China with fake brand names on them. I asked Secondii of about this, and he pointed me to a whole gallery on their site with pictures of this sort of thing from Chinese software. “Blizzard” and “Diablo” logos abound on games that clearly have nothing to do with the actual company or franchise. Let the buyer beware.

Thanks to Fmulder for finding the shot, and for Secondii of for details about it.

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16 thoughts on “Forget Diablo 3, How About Diablo V?

  1. the green creature is diablo’s offspring, because diablo is getting sick of going to sanctuary just to get slaughtered again and again

  2. Anyone notice that they reused the name of the D2 Expansion? LOL!! Gotta love that lack of attention to detail.

    • Diablo 8, The game that is so streamlined, you don’t have to lift a finger, the game plays itself.

      “If you don’t like how it plays, your watching it wrong” – Jay Wilson

      • I lol’d. I would’ve stolen “Jay ‘The Exhausted’ Wilson” from Flux but hey, I’ll take it. 😉

      • Man, diablo series went really downhill since Diablo 7’s – “Diablo’s Colonoscopy” which basically was an on-rail fmv shooter. Even Morgan Freeman who played Cains’ Half-Brothers grandson – Billy-Bob the Backstory Revealer – couldn’t save that piece of crap… Although the expansion set which involved flying an obeese unicorn in order to save teddy-bear land from falletishes attack (fallen ones and fetishes decided that having really grose, interspecies sex was the only way to create a kin of ultimate power!), was a tad better. The story line was really deep, and man… i really shed a man tear during the scene when Deckard Cain, in his dying breath was telling Jay Wilson what he thinks of Diablo series and it’s development over the years. Although not really satisfied with Jay’s answer: “If you don’t like the fact that our FMV on-line shooter is requiring players to be connected to the internet through their spleen… then maybe you should go and play something among the lines of sewer shark!”.

        Ehh… I really hope that Diablo 9 is better then 8 though. I heard it will be basically a Taiwaneese Transexual Hooker in a box who will read you the plot synopsis of the game. I hope Blizz won’t put any stupid microtransaction system into it though… Remember Diablo 6 “Ressurection of the same damn demon… yet again”? I don’t know what idiot traded their kidney for a forum badge that says “I’m Special!!!!”

        Ehhh… Blizzard should really, really stop putting out Shovel Ware. *Cough*Wii-Diablo*Cough*

  3. I see these kinds of things in Spanish at a Mexican flea market I go to on the outskirts of my town. It’s pretty funny. Usually batman/superman stuff but occasionally you see gaming stuff, too. I’ve been watching for “Diavlo” paraphernalia but haven’t found any yet. I did see an N64 version of “CraftWar” with Samwise art on the cover but they were trying to charge $100 for it.

  4. lol – when I was a kid there was a Taiwanese game shop like that where I bought games like Super Mario Bros 15. If I remember right, I think you could roll up into a ball like an armadillo in that one, and had to roll around most of the levels like a pinball. The game coding was so crap and there were so many errors it was like a bad SMB trip. I’d love to get hold of Diablo 5!

    • Hehe, I have that game as Super Mario Bros 4! It’s a hack of a game called Armadillo, an NES game that wasn’t released outside of Japan, I believe.

  5. Diablo V? Hah! I have an unique copy of Diablo 1+Hellfire which was translated into broken polish by a group of drunken ukrainians. Never before i had so much fun playing Diablo 1. Finding all the new broken names for monsters and hearing how dialog options were read out by one guy who just pitch-shifted the voice in order to do the voices for Adria or Gillian… Ehh… That was pure awesomness….

    Flux, how could you not post info about the original D5!?!? Update the wiki please!

  7. So I wonder what game you are playing if you install this?  Is it the “my computer is now controlled by a chinese virus” game?

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