Foo Fighters Play BlizzCon

Elly takes a pic of Dave at E3 1998

BlizzCon has had a mixed bag of acts over the years (remember the hideous Offspring?) with Ozzy probably being the biggest act to have played the event. Things just got a little better this year as Blizzard has confirmed that the Foo Fighters are the act this year. As long as they play their early stuff it should be a right good gig.

Dave was at BlizzCon last year playing drums for Tenacious D so he must have liked what he saw.

We had the chance to see the Foo Fighters back at E3 in 1998 when they turned up to play the SEGA party out of the blue which was an awesome surprise. Great gig with around 400 people in attendance. Elly managed to snap this nice pic of Dave at the time.

Blizzard’s own band The Artist Formerly Known as Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain will also be at the show and they are always fun to watch.

“There’s no better way to cap off two days of gaming entertainment than by blowing the roof off the convention center with an awesome rock concert,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “Everyone attending BlizzCon and watching from home can look forward to ending the show with a bang when Foo Fighters bring the house down.”

“We’re pretty sure that in the future, music historians will look back at BlizzCon 2011 as the unquestionable pinnacle of Foo Fighters’ long and illustrious career,” said Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters founder and frontman. “We look forward to living up to that prediction by bringing the Horde and Alliance together to rock the hell out of Anaheim next month.”

I am wondering what year Blizzard will ask Rush to play, now that would be awesome. And did you know, Rush are actually name-checked on some of the Blizzard end-game credits. Maybe Blizzard has asked them, who knows.

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32 thoughts on “Foo Fighters Play BlizzCon

  1. What was wrong with the Offspring? They were one of the biggest bands in the world for a few years there.

    • As an attendee of the first blizzcon in 2005 I can safely say that no one gave a damn about the Offspring playing that year. General buzz pre-show and at the show. Most people thought of them as a poor man’s Greenday, their last known hit had been a good 5 years earlier and it was too soon for any nostalgia to kick in.

      • Huh. Weird. It would seem like, for the first ever con where they would have no idea how big it would/could be, it would be a coup to get a band even that big. They had at least 6 or 7 well known hits and were solidly popular from about what, 1993?
        Maybe it’s just all my dated college memories of people drunkenly shouting along to “Why Don’t You Get A Job” 😕

  2. I always wanted to see Foo Fighters live. Muse will still probably be the best band to see live though. But still, awesome all around.

  3. Wow, aren’t they hardcore touring for their new album? Or is that kicking off early next year? I imagine they’ll be bugging Mike Mohairme for an advanced copy of D3 they can play on the tour bus/hotel.

  4. Nice work blizz. Sorry I am going to miss this. Foo Fighters are very awesome.

    I know this kind of goes against the expected demographic, but it would be cool to see a rap legend perform.

  5. I would love to attend a blizzcon with Rush on the stage.. great gigs.. I’ve seen more than I can count..

    Oh btw Rushter, on top of ending credits, they also had cheat codes.. I seem to recall typing in “Glittering Prizes”  in warcraft 2

  6. I guess Rush is possible; they had Ozzy after all, but does anyone under 35 even know that Rush was a band? The Blizzcon attendee age isn’t as young as people who haven’t gone might imagine; there are plenty of people in their 30s and 40s, but that’s still at least 10 years too young to be a big fan of Rush.

    True, Ozzy played at Blizzcon, but he’s retained cultural awareness by being weird and on reality shows. I doubt anyone in the audience could have named an Ozzy song more recent than about Crazy Train, but he’s a rock legend.

    Not that my opinion on this is valid, as the next Blizzcon concert I attend will be my first.

    • I’m 26, I guess I better stop enjoying Rush then! =( I really liked some of their songs, too…dang!
      Also, Rush appeared on the Colbert Report, so I guess some young people saw them there.
      Sorry I’m just giving you a hard time, I’ll stop now. 😉

    • I know you were being facetious, but still, I was a big Ozzy fan throughout high school – pretty much anything through Ozzmosis I knew by heart. I bet there were quite a few others there like me.
      That concert was really pretty awesome, mostly because security just wisely got out of the way and let people have a good time. I was stuck in the back when it started, and it was terrible – just rows and rows of people politely sitting listening to the concert. A freaking metal concert. After a few minutes I looked around at the people standing next to me, and there was just this great moment of collective inspiration where we all simultaneously said “Screw this” and rushed up the aisles to expand the little pit area they designate for standing. Everyone was super cool and we all just sang and yelled and headbanged until hoarse and deaf.
      Last year they totally put the screws down to ANY kind of movement at the concert. Much less fun of an atmosphere; I dunno, maybe also Tenacious D doesn’t inspire the same kind of recklessness. But the security was much more strict. I get that there are probably some safety issues, but come on. It’s not like there aren’t successful concerts with big stagefront crowds put on every day. They need to loosen up a bit – Blizzcon is one audience where the danger is that people won’t loosen up enough rather than mayhem is gonna break out.

  7. Pshh Foo Fighters :/  I would have rather seen Metallica or Iron Maiden.  hell even tenacious D again.  Anything that plays on the same station as lady gaga or any of that stuff has no place in my ears.

  8. An odd chocie, given that the Foo Fighters say that the Corrupted Blood incident was just an invention manufactured by the drugs companies … of WoW … and that there never was any real disease.

    They questioned the validity of the debuff, and advised people against taking precautions to prevent infection, despite humans and orcs dying everywhere from Stormwind to Orgrimmar.

    This arose after a member of the band read a book entitled, ‘What If Everything You Knew About The Corrupted Blood Incident Was Wrong?’

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