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Blizzard has added pages covering the Followers to their game coverage on The pages are quite pretty, with skills listed as well as general information about the Enchantress, Templar, and Scoundrel.

Bear in mind that the skills and items are still works in progress. Each follower currently has only 8 skills, with the highest level enabled at 25. Whether this will change as the devs work on ways to make Followers useful even into Inferno and the End Game remains to be seen.

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36 thoughts on “Followers Pages added to

  1. “Only fools and those who fancy themselves “brave” face their enemies alone. Who will stand beside you in the war for Sanctuary?”
    Wakka wakka…

  2. I love the Diablo franchise, and have invested countless countless hours in playing D1, D2 and D2X.  Is there anyone kindly willing to let my try the beta!?  I’m an honest person, and all I’d like to do is try it out.  I am dying to play it!  Please email me at [email protected](dot)com  😀

  3. Damn! And now I want to play as Templar. That would be sweet.
    “Evil cowers at the sight of just one Templar. Two will bring it to its knees.” – Kormac

  4. Color palette for Templar has been changed.  Less gold and now more Bronze.  The in game screen shot of him on the skill calculator page looks more like the concept art now.

  5. my observations:
    one of the templars skills heals for 3000 + 1500 over 15 sec. that looks to me like thats lvl 60 based. so we might not get more than these 8 skills per follower.
    another of the templar skills = “+ resource regeneration (+ AP, + mana, + H/D, + fury, + spirit) for all allies”. this answers the question if followers will only be in single player games: they wont: because it says allieS. and here “ally” cant refere to for example leah because she has no class resource. (at least im quite sure she hasent)

    • on the other hand… isnt it a problem to have 4 kormacs in one game? hm… i guess not more of a problem than 4 identical teenage rebells from xiansai that stole the secrets of some mage archive (= wizard) in the same party

      • Allies I guess this means that some summons or NPC friendlies use power pools and this skill helps them be more powerful as well.

        • did you read my post? ^^
          the skill text says what it exacly does to all the CLASS resources. or do zombie dogs have mana? | as i said: “ally” refers to player characters only because only they have CLASS resources; and how can there be another class in a single player game? there cant be =>

          • It says: Increase resource generation for all allies that the Templar is following.
            And Followers follow just one person, so they are single player unless stated otherwise by the autors.

          • ah… sure… -.-…. so it says “all allies” just for nothing?
            if they were single player only the tool tip would be “Increase resource generation for you” or “Increase resource generation for the ally/hero/player/character the Templar is following” and not “all allies hes following”

          • I wouldn’t fuss so much about the wording. It could well stem from a time when followers could be used in parties and they didn’t bother changing it. Technically, the wording is perfectly accurate even if they are limited to single player, so it’s not a priority to change it. There’ll probably be a final pass on tooltip text right before release but there’s no point when things are still (potentially) in flux.

    • maybe – but i wouldnt rule that out just yet – we havent seen their “special” items – only followers can wear – if they would just give like + base attributes that would be kinda poorly designed – so i`d guess that those are somewhat special in function

    • If that’s what they go with that’s too bad, those were the most interesting follower skills and would have made for interesting gameplay, at least i think.

    • I’m glad they took those out and I hope they leave them out.  We should be picking our followers based on coolness factor, or at the very least on how well their abilities complement our own, not for loot enhancement.

      Also, if you can still only use followers when alone, having loot boosting talents on them might lead to the undesirable situation of having solo loot runs be better than loot runs with 2 people.

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  7. Hmm looks like there skills are finished to me.

    BTW any one spotted that in items it got “legendary and Set items are being worked on check back soon” written on those item types. Hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks we will see the really stats for them.

  8. Maybe I missed this somewhere, but when you see which items are able to be used by each follower, helms and body armor aren’t listed.  Also, it shows the armor progression of your follower in the images.  Does this mean that armor is automatically supplied as the follower levels, as a form of increasing defense, and therefore we will be unable to equip them with MF helms and armor?  D2 mercs were also great at holding helms and armors that required higher strength then your player currently had, as the strength on my Necros has typically been lower than the best armors available.

    • Sorry, but Followers can only be given necklaces, rings, and their respective weapons/offhands and special items… their armor is mostly just a visual representation of their leveling up to a certain degree…

      • Bummer, that seems like a downgrade to me… I was hoping they’d allow us to completely outfit our followers, with gloves, boots, etc. I thought that was lacking in D2X and was looking forward to seeing it in D3. Expansion maybe?

  9. Wow the enchantress is some real eye candy. She must have cast a stone spell on me because she made me rock hard:!:

  10. I’m also glad they (appear to have) canned the MF/GF abilities on them. I generally dislike those stats to begin with, because I think it’s best if “be as awesome as possible” and “get as much cool loot as possible” are roughly the same goal. It’s lame if the best way to get cool loot is to sacrifice a bunch of your awesomeness to stack an invisible stat that just increases your rewards. It’s also unsurprising to me that for now the followers appear to stop learning new abilities by around the end of normal, since the same is true of players.

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