Followers Artwork and Interface Shots

Here’s all of the DiabloWikiFollowers Artwork, for your visual pleasure. Some of these images are super HQ ones from the Followers press pack, while others (the in-game views) are screencaps of the followers movie. There are even three giant sized views of the character windows for each follower; those you could also see in the movie… but not this large!  They’re in the interface gallery.

Here’s the DiabloWikiTemplar, who was the only Follower to score a different concept art on the presspack than we saw in the movie. I suspect the Blizzard artists couldn’t pass up the chance to draw yet another muscular dude in shiny armor with mega-shoulder pads.


Click through for the interface shots, the DiabloWikiScoundrel images, and the DiabloWikiEnchantress images.






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1 thought on “Followers Artwork and Interface Shots

  1. Thanks for the screenshots!

    On a side note I feel as we start to get more and more of these screens you should look into changing your picture viewer to a lightbox or something similar because the current system of clicking a picture, loading a new page, clicking picture to expand, closing picture and then going back and reloading the first page isn’t really cutting it.

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