Follower Gear and Respecs

I wasn’t going to news about this Blue post, but as there are new and returning Diablo III players around every day, and you never know what other people know (or don’t know) I think it’s worth a post. I’ve got a whole big post about ideal Follower gear in the works, basically condensing/expanding on the info in this awesome thread, but just for today, here’s the Blue:

I’m a wizard I play with a kiting build and I want to start working on my follower. First off which one would best fit a kiting build, and should I equip xp and magic find items on him? I’m not sure what to put on them at all in fact – straight dps? I have no idea – elaborate anyone?
Grimiku: I recently geared my follower for DiabloWikiMagic Find since it was not only what I was looking for, but also the easiest to gear up.

Sometimes itโ€™s not just identifying the role you want your follower to fulfill, but also remembering that the measurement of their success will be proportionate to the quality of gear you can give them.

Is there anyway we can also make respecs on follower talents? I made some mistakes with my enchantress that I wish I could undo. Also, it would promote experimentation.
Grimiku: If you right click on your follower’s portrait in the upper left hand corner of your screen there is a “retrain” button just for this purpose. ๐Ÿ™‚

As the blue said, you just right click on your Follower’s portrait to get some options, and one of them is retrain, which respecs all of their skills to nothing, and you can then reset them to whatever you like. I assumed everyone had noticed that just through the course of playing, but like I said a minute ago, you never know what other people don’t know.

The Demon and the Eirena.
As for follower equipment, it’s possible to gear them up enough to actually deal useful damage, but that takes fantastic equipment, and if you’ve got the budget to kit your Followers out that well, you’re probably doing so much damage yourself that it’s irrelevant. For the rest of us, a popular trick is to give the Scoundrel a great slowing debuff by equipping him with an xbow with cold damage (like the Buriza) or granting him cold damage from jewelry (Tal’s Allegiance or an SoJ can roll with cold). Or just have fun by giving your Enchantress a Maximum sword and watch the giant demon stomp around, dragging Eirena along at the other end of a glowing fire chain.

I like to give my Follower’s vitality gear, which is nice since I find that constant death on their parts really cuts down on the number of CCs and debuffs they’re able to inflict. Other than vitality, since their damage is seldom high enough to matter, it’s more about giving them gear that helps you, and that means Magic Find/Gold Find, or +experience, since 1/5 of those bonuses share to your character. Only those properties, though. You can’t put 25% critical hit chance on a Follower and get 5% for yourself, alas.

So it’s just MF or GF for them, and yeah, you only get 20% of that bonus, but it’s not hard to get 100% MF on a Templar between two rings, the amulet, and the shield, and that’s 20% more MF for you. Seven Paragon levels worth of MF is nothing to sneeze at.

Experience bonus gear on the Follower also shares at 20%, including the Hellfire ring. That’s all +experience gear, the +per kill and +% per kill, but in the late game there’s really no point in worrying about the non-percentage type, since monsters grant thousands of exp per kill and another 10 or 20 on top of that is irrelevant. Much less 1/5 of that, if the bonus shares from your Follower. Thus, since you can not equip two of the same legendary item, a Hellfire ring and a Leoric’s Signet is the best option. Good luck finding them.

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7 thoughts on “Follower Gear and Respecs

  1. It’s really not hard to get an Enchantress up over 5K dps and that can actually be a significant help in killing stuff. I actually worry a little less about vit for her and really concentrate on Int. My enchantress is dealing out over 8K dps. I’ve spent maybe 2 mil HC gold on her. Grandfather makes a great weapon for her because of the %Life and lots of stats. Ever since they reduced the damage followers take from arcane, etc., they’ve become much better at staying alive (staying alive! staying alive!) ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Another option for a Follower ring is the Puzzle Ring. A wild Treasure Goblin appears! I think it works best with the Templar as he’s usually hit more often than the ranges ones

  3. Just came back to the game and am having fun in HC on MP10. I wish you got more loot from the bosses though as they don’t drop anything extra from the few I’ve killed so far.

    Funny that you fight the Skeleton King and then run into a Key Master in the very next area who is harder and surrounded by far more dangerous monsters. I lost my first HC monk to him yesterday.

  4. My enchantress is dealing 8k and is all skilled towards battle. Her knockback strike deals 40k, which is nice, though me being a monk means it takes longer for me to reach the enemies, but it’s hardly an annoyance.

    Anyway, 8k DPS with about 200k gold investment on the auction house, if I remember correctly. Just go for INT and damage, and you have it. That unique with the monster and fire chains however, seems a nice upgrade for my enchantress ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: I’m softcore, so not 2mil like ZappaFan. 200k will do it, I’m sure.

  5. Here’s a tip for your enchantress: Equip her with a Maximus and a puzzle ring. The demon spawn also is affected by the puzzle rings chance to summon a goblin. along with you and her this gives you 3x more goblin pops..

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