Bashiok fielded a couple of more questions about basic game stuff this weekend.

    The first addresses a basic change in the philosophy of the followers in D3. Mercs in D2 were hard to keep alive (at higher levels), but were hugely powerful in good gear, which made them all but mandatory for a lot of builds. The D3 devs liked the idea of mercs, but didn’t want them to be so strong that they were mandatory. Their solution? Tag-alongs who look busy, and have some useful debuffs and buffs, but who don’t do enough damage to really change the equation.

    Templar.. Why so weak?

    Sure he can be handy with a heal, but in combat? he is a joke. 1 damage per swing. His stats are just as good as a barbarians, even equipped him with a great weapon. But its always 1 damage. Why is he so weak?
    You’re the hero, not your follower. They offer assistance in different ways, but they need you. They’ll die without your spirit and guidance. TO SANCTUARY!

    It’ll be interesting to see how the DiabloWikiScoundrel and DiabloWikiEnchantress compare. It’s acceptable that the DiabloWikiTemplar doesn’t kill so much, since he’s basically meant as a tank. But the other two are artillery support; what’s the good of an archer or mage that stays behind you if they can’t add significant damage? Debuffs? Distraction? Witty banter?

    Another fan asked why the boss monster modifiers seen in the beta are so limited and unscary.

    A while ago, when the beta was still young, that’s why I said A WHILE ago, I was watching streams of people playing Diablo 3. Very often, I would see one of the streamers encounter arcane affixed monsters where they had the power to summon arcane hydra. Now that I was able to play for meself, I have encountered plenty elite monsters but they only get 1 of 3 possible affixes: Knock back, teleporting and nightmarish. Not a single time have I seen Arcane or anything else.

    So my question is this, what happened to arcane?
    Many affixes, and I believe the specific one you’re referring to included, were moved to later Acts and difficulties. Too tough for the intro experience. Dig?

    There’s bad news for the OP, since DiabloWikiArcane was nerfed from the scary dragon heads to silly lawn sprinkler form, even before it was moved to later in the game. But we’ve seen a lot of other cooler boss mods added since then, and players who got to fight with them in the Over the Fence bonus content were well-pleased by their improved antics. See the DiabloWikiBoss Modifiers article for a listing of all known boss mods, with screens and strategy info about all of them.

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