Focused Feedback for Act V Difficulty Below 70

Nevalistis asks for your feedback in Act Five Sub-level 70 in the Reaper of Souls beta test and for any jumps in difficulty. There was a time around the level 65 range my monks XP was so much slower and it just seemed to drag along. The leveling felt better in the F&F Beta but that was also quicker.

As the Closed Beta for Reaper of Souls presses onward, our development team would like to express their extreme gratitude for the multitudes of valuable feedback that has been provided by the community. From this feedback, it has become evident that certain areas of the expansion require more scrutiny than others, and to this end we come to you today to request a call to arms!

Bear in mind that while we would like players to sometimes focus on providing the feedback on specific topics, all feedback is still quite welcome either via the e-mail provided in your Beta invitation or here on the forums.

We are looking for detailed feedback regarding:

  • Difficulty curve and inconsistent jumps in difficulty for players in Act V – Campaign Mode who are below max level, preferably around levels 30-45.
  • As we move forward with testing, we may require additional testing needs. Keep an eye out for similar threads in the future as these needs arise. We do ask that feedback provided in this thread stays on topic – unrelated feedback will be appropriately moderated.

    Thank you for your participation!

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    10 thoughts on “Focused Feedback for Act V Difficulty Below 70

    1. I dunno about level progression and mobs difficulty in RoS.
      But as far as I saw in the PTR at max. temporally difficulty, Master, the mobs are so so easy to kill BUT they already have the same SHITTY DPS SPIKES that kill you…like minion/electric, a deadly combination if you compare it with other combination.
      Didn’t they talk about making diablo with a plain/constant damage rather than insane DPS spikes? FAIL.

      PS: It could be funny to avoid 1-4 points in the map, spawning 9 deadly constant changing dead point on you is not funny, logic neither playable.

      • I don’t see electrified tougher than they were. You can’t just jump on them with everything you have, you have to play smart. Maybe it’s too much damage but still easily avoidable.

        • Electric was only ONE example. Another one could be in Act 3, the flying things that throw fire balls+minion+electric…
          But my point is, there are HUGE damage spikes, and let me add you can’t avoid some of those with a melee neither a ranged.
          Yep, it can be done, but it ruins the game pace/experience plus is 100% silly.
          Things like the random maps with random enemies…a tunnel map with a spawn of 5 elite charging bulls is not the “good way” of making it hard it’s just lazy, silly and cheap imho.
          I love the feeling of avoiding elements, seeing mobs with different mechanics, but there is a limit where it’s not funny anymore. Im sure you understand me. Let me add, again, the game on Master is super easy, but those spikes are like +8 difficulty levels.

    2. Blizzard trolling us with such crappy stuff?
      Seems to me they are worried about console players.

      I care about the potential hundreds of hours at level 70.
      I do not care about the 2 hours gameplay pre-70.

      • There will be no high end, you will hit the same wall we all hit with Diablo 3.
        I’m with you, I want just the same, but developers expressed many times to feel otherwise =/

    3. On the PTR, you kill Diablo about level 50ish (on Master). What kind of wimpy wuss bag is level 40 in Act V? Are people D2 style skip-rushing to Act V w/o gaining levels?

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