Reader Feedback

    It would help if you read the Best/Worst Sets Column before you read this feedback, or you won’t have any idea what most of these emails are talking about. Since the column was quite long, I’m doing the feedback on this separate page, just as I did after Column #11, another long one on the Best/Worst Uniques of every item type. The next couple of columns will be less novel-length, so the feedback should fit neatly on the same page.

    This feedback page is divided into the best and worst sets, but isn’t as rigidly ordered as the Uniques feedback was last time.  I’m only including comments on sets that were much disputed or discussed, and there is a lot of interesting strategy-type info here as well.  There is also some interesting information about the set ideas and origins, including a really fascinating mail from a Korean reader about where Blizzard got the Heaven’s Brethren set items, concepts, and even their appearance.


    Comments on the Worst Sets

    Probably the most reader comments were on Griswold’s Set, which was expected, since I ranked it the #1 Worst set in the game.  The set isn’t bad, and several of the items in it are relatively useful, especially since they all have sockets for variety.  This saves you using up one of your socketing quest rewards, and does it better since these items all have 2 or 3 sockets, not just the one the quest reward would put into a green item. The drawback is that you need 2 or 3 things worth socketing in the slots, and unless you are into trading for the duped stuff like 40/15 jewels, Ists, Bers, etc, you’ll probably find it easier to just find/trade for a better item than you will to come up with one of these and 2 or 3 good socketables.

    Then again, if you’re not trading for dupes, you won’t have anything of this set other than the armor in the first place, so that’s sort of a moot point.  And that’s why the set was ranked the worst; it’s okay, not great, but it’s so absurdly hard to find that it lost bonus points for that. Most of the mails sounded a lot like this one, from Aguissword:

    I have to disagree with your dissing of the Griswold’s weapon. if you can actually find it, it does do some great and decently fast attacks, and it is really fun to tease noobs with it who have heard of the legendary Griswold’s set but have never seen it, but any ways i hope blizz beefs up the set in v1.10

    Half a dozen people had this comment about Aldur’s Set.  No one disagreed with the low ranking for it, though. Jessica:

    I have just one note—Aldur is a God in a series by David (and Leigh) Eddings, called The Belgariad, also The Mallorean, and a couple of side books. It’s noteworthy because Aldur’s main disciple, Belgarath the Sorcerer, can transform himself into different animals, and his favorite is a wolf.

    Hard to imagine that Bliz didn’t get the name from this source. And now you know.

    A few people were partial to Cathan’s Worthless Set, if just for the life leech on the rings.  Rantson Raves takes it a bit farther.

    I would like to disagree with your selection of Cathan’s Traps as the 7th worst set of d2x. If you consider the amazing combitation one can get with the two rings and the amulet it certainly deserves to be on the best set items list. Surely +20 strength and 12% life leech plus change is excellent production from two ring slots and the amulet slot during one’s stay in normal and even nightmare mode. I know that all of my characters start out with Sigon’s Complete Steel and Cathan’s Seals and Sigil during normal or until about lvl 30 at least. 

    I’ve never considered settling for Cathan’s on any of my characters, just since you can gamble good life leech rings with very low Clvl requirements; rings with far better overall stats than Cathan’s can ever manage.  But as the mail points out, if you go with 2 Cathan’s Rings and the amulet, you’re doing a total of 12% life leech, have +20 str (partial bonus from both rings) and while the amulet’s stats are crap, it gives +50 AR with any other item on.  The problem I see there is you’ve got three jewelry slots used, and no mana leech, and that’s usually far more necessary early on than life leech, when the monsters hardly do any damage, you want to keep mana to keep using your skills, and you can easily pick up enough red potions to keep alive.

    There was wide agreement with everything mean I said about Isenhart’s Set.  A few people disagreed though, if somewhat sarcastically.  Here’s Caaroid:

    You can complete it on an act III merc! Ok, ok, nobody uses act III mercs anymore, aside from the few druids, and it is only useful while the merc is low lev, but not THAT low so that it can actually don the set, but… hey, it gives him faster run at lev 21! Is that cool or what? Umm… you mean, that a 3T shield with a faster cast circlet and a “cant even remember the name but used to be top sorcy sword with plus one to all” and a Vipermagi is better on those mercs? Ok, you’re right. But we can establish that for druid players, with a cold merc, merc lev 21-3x this set rox. Wonder why it’s not more expensive.

    One person did actually disagree.  Sort of.  Dave:

    While many whine about Isenhart’s being a lousy set, have you ever considered the Holy Shock skill for the weapon? I see no reason you can’t complete Normal and at minimum Nightmare with this set.

    As far as the Milabrega set goes, in my minor opinion it’s more suited for a Hammerdin build.

    I see builds using Set items as a challenge. It was not until version 1.09 popped up that I took the Arctic Bowazon set, and finished Hell difficulty with it. Other D2 players have accomplished much more difficult feats. If you want D2 players to go out of the lemming crowd with the overused uniques, I’d point them in the direction of Sets.

    Yes, he says he’s done Hell with the 9-21 damage Arctic Bow. Wow some people have a lot more patience than I do.

    There was a lot of agreement about how damned common the breast plate is, including several photos, such as the one you see to the right, sent in by Sceth.  A couple of people even mentioned finding the entire set in a single drop from Mephisto.

    A number of players suggested that Trang Oul’s Set be ranked higher.  I didn’t give all that much thought to the #3-7 places or so on either chart, so they’re probably right.  I mostly just went over the sets and noted down which ones were especially bad or good, for whatever bizarre reason occurred to me, and once I had that I wrote up some info about them and arranged them in a 10 to 1 sequence. But that last part got the least attention. Michael points out a few nifty features of the items in the set.

    As for the actual ranking, Trang-Oul’s is much better than you give it credit for. It sticks to the theme without going nuts on the +skills, and it has a couple of unique stats (the gloves are the only gloves that give +necro skills and the armor is the only armor that has 40% run/walk).

    There were a number of write in votes for Heaven’s Brethren, which I was going to make an honorable mention until I got distracted by some pie. Mmmm, pie.

    Michael has no pie, and as such was able to keep his senses long enough to send in this comment.

    Flux, I read #11, and I really have to wonder what the hell you were thinking? Why was there no mention of the absolutely God-awful Heaven’s Breathern? This set could be considered another paladin set, but it’s so bad, it makes Milibrega’s look awesome. None of the items are any good at all, and the ridiculously high level requirement (81? … 81?!?!) on the shield just makes this set totally worthless. The weapon is pathetically under-powered for an elite item, and why bother having -% requirements on some of the items when the shield requires 185 strength? And then there’s the set bonuses… +5 light radius? Heal stamina +50? Replenish life +20? And not to mention the severe difficulty of even FINDING half the items …There are times I want to go over to the set designers at Blizzard and slap them silly. The only saving graces of this set are the +50% resistences (the only resistences in the set other than +30% lit on the shield), the +2 skill bonus, the high defense bonuses, and the cool unique artwork. Too bad it was wasted on a set no one in their right mind would ever use.

    I’ve actually found the shield four times, by far my record for any set/unique in TC 84 or above, so I suppose my “too hard to find-o-meter” was shorted out by that.  Of course the fact that the shield isn’t even borderline worth using should have probably stuck in my brain, but… mmm, pie.

    Some more stuff about Heaven’s Brethren, from a very interesting mail from a Korean reader.  The images are historical items that were obviously what Blizzard used for item graphic inspiration, and he sent those along.  I’ve put the two Heaven’s Set item images in for comparison. Thanks to IK_TalRasha for the info and images.

    Bliz made Heavens & Hwanin using Korean names and images, since Korea is a huge market (Over 3million copies of d2 & d2x sold in Korea with the whole population of just 40 million) But these sets just annoyed Koreans not only item stats, also wrong historical information.

    First, Heaven’s Set.

    There are 4 names in them. Dangoon, Haemosu, Taebaek and Ondal. Dangoon is founder of Old Chosun. But that mace doesnt looks Tools Age weapon. And… Dangoon is a grandson of Hwanin who is god of heaven. Taebaek is a city name of Korea. Nothing other than that. Koreans never found any glory in the city of Taebaek. And funny thing is form of that shield. As you see image, that shaped thing is exist in Korea, but what is that? that’s name is DoKkeBi (monster), and old peoples painted for their Charms for gool luck. This image is a tile which used for root of house. So everyone can “grasp” Taebaek. How about make that req. -100%

    Haemosu is founder of BuYor, and his son is founder of KoGuRyor. but… whole Korea history, there’s no armor like that in Korea. it looks Chinese thing. Huh…

    Most funny thing is Ondal. as pics shows, it’s crown. but Ondal is not king, but a son-in-law of king. There’s a fool named Ondal in BuYor. Buyor’s princess was married to him cuz king often sais “If u cry again, i’ll make u marry with Fool-Ondal.” King regreted. But princess make him perfect man and he became general of Buyor. Anyway, its good if it just named Elite unique great helm. But its graphic is Shilla King’s crown. and Shilla killed Ondal. o.O

    Hwanin… said before, he is grandfather of Dangoon. and he is foremost god. but Hwanin is exceptional and he Heaven’s Brethren is elite. What a good match…

    Some fun korean made fake screenshots of the new d2x set items. “Blizzard’s Greed”.  And others such as “Bill’s Great Stomach Great Hauberk” “YongMan (Korea importer of bliz stuff)‘s baldy head Demon Head.” ect

    Reader Comments on the Best Sets

    Probably the common comment on the best sets was that I had Death’s Set underrated.  I gave it an honorable mention, dismissing it as basically a poor man’s Sigon’s set. Which it is, if you only go with the gloves and belt.  However the sword, which I overlooked, has a hefty +25-75 cold damage, with any other item in the set equipped.  Even with the bonus IAS from the gloves your swing speed with this one isn’t great, but the big elemental damage makes this very helpful for low level duelers or as a twink set.

    Here’s StormGuy85, who gave about the most thorough argument of anyone.

    I know you gave Deaths Set an honorable mention, but it has arguably the best two set-item combo in the entire game. The Gloves and Belt are insanely powerful for those who want to make PvP character. They are able to be used at level 6, and give probably the best all-around bonuses you could ask for. They take up two slots that you really cannot top unless you get into using Cham runes. The weapon is a slightly different story, but with a Hel rune in it (yes I own one) its great for a low level zeal paladin because of the huge cold damage. Back to the Gloves and Belt? They give you Antifreeze: One of the few effective ways to get antifreeze on a low level character, and due to Eth you don?t need to bother getting raven Frost, instead you can use two life-steal rings. You get 30% IAS on your gloves. The only other way to accomplish this is Sigons gloves and another piece of his set, but no second piece of his set compares to deaths belt. You then get 8% life-steal, and 15 to all resists? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that your practically immune to poison (even with the current bug, it still helps a lot).

    I admit that the weapon drags the set down slightly, but even it is great at level 6 aside from its insane strength requirement (see Hel statement above). I?ve made numerous high level legit duelers who have profited highly from this set. My Fury Seraph Rod paladin required 90 IAS to get 4 zeal frames, so that?s 40 from fury, 20 from high lords, and guess what! 30 from deaths set. That also left open slots for two leech rings. My melee assassin also used this combo to much satisfaction. Yeah, you lose out on the damage reduction that string of ears has, but you more then make up for the leech due to deaths built-in leech combined with the extra leech that a ring offers.

    A number of people commented on Tal Rasha’s Set being ranked the best.  For example, here’s Avder:

    I don’t get you. Once I saw the title “Best/worst full sets” I knew damn well Tal Rashas was gonna top the list, but then you dont even put it there for the right reason…you put it there for the PARTIAL SET bonuses. You’d think a column on full sets would mean that only full set equipped would be a factor, but no, you even gave tancreds a mention in the top 10 because of the partial set bonus related to that amulet. And while I agree that Tal’s set is one of the best damned sets in the game, you put it there for absolutely he wrong reason. Tal’s set, fully equipeed with a perfect belt, Topaz’s in both the helm and armor, along with a decent assortment of MF gear can make a pretty balanced PvM/MF Character. Throw some decent War Travs on and some chance guards, along with a rhyme, and throw an Ist in the orb, get a few MF and Resist charms, and youve got a Tank that can Solo hell quite fast, and get over 400% MF to boot. Not bad for balanced Sorc gear I think. 

    I don’t recall saying anything about “only full set bonuses will be considered in the rankings” but a few other people bitched about Tancred’s getting the nominally-positive spot it did, solely for the 78% MF amulet bonus.  So apparently it seemed like I was going to do that.  Even though I didn’t.

    My comments on the sets and the rankings of them (which aren’t exactly scientific, especially not the 1-10 part) were on anything.  Individual items, annoying items, hard to find items, as well as partial and full set bonuses.  Tal’s Set has two different three-item combinations that are as good or better than any other items of any quality in the entire game, for a wide variety of characters.  No other set can make that claim, so I didn’t think there was any disputing it as the top set over all.

    A couple of other people mailed to say that it was worthless for non-sorcs, which is true, if you only consider the whole set.  Funny how the Orb does that. I thought the glorious benefits of tal’s armor + belt + helm/amulet were well known enough that there was no point in detailing them in the column, but I guess I will now.  This is quoted from my MF Guide, which has been on the server (and sold over ebay by various assholes) for over a year.

    Tal Rasha’s Set merits special mention, since with any three items of Tal’s set, you get a 65% MF bonus.  The Belt has 10-15% MF on it, so a Tal’s Armor (112%), Belt (15%), and socketed Mask (24%) + 65% bonus = 216% with two socketed topaz. Tal’s Belt, Helm, and Armor have huge bonuses on them:

    • 55% Resistance to Fire, Cold, Lightning
    • 15% Poison Resistance
    • 10% dual leech
    • Well over 1000 defense
    • -15 magical damage
    • Big bonuses to mana, hps, Dex
    • And 14% more MF than wealth + 3T helm + Goldwrap.

    You can do more MF with a variety of other items, but nothing else can come close to the overall bonuses, especially the resistance and defense. For a Sorceress you’ll want to go with the amulet instead of the helm, and I didn’t recommend the full set since an Oculus/Harlequin kills the Tal’s Orb/Mask, even if you have the full set on for the full bonus.  Of course that’s assuming you have an Oculus/Harlequin, and they are a lot harder to find than Tal’s Mask/Orb, though you’ll certainly have found them by the time you find the Armor, which is by far the hardest part of the set to come by.

    A couple of other full sets might be better overall for late game use; Natalya’s and Trang’s for instance, but the three Tal’s items are just the best possible full or partial set in the game, compared to non-set loot.

    There were also six or eight mails from people who fully agreed with my comments on Tal’s Set.  Here’s pezpunk:

    I’m glad to see Tal Rasha’s recognized as the best set in the game. it clearly is, for so many reasons. I’m tired of being called a n00blar for wearing it! I find it is simply the PERFECT balance of great power and great magic find for my sorceress. the set bonuses are generous and useful. and heck, if I want to go all out MF, I can simply change out the helm and orb for harlequin (p-topaz, why not?) and (Ist’ed if you can afford it) oculus. look: Tal’s armor, ammy, and belt ALONE give me +190% magic find (just add a ptopaz to the armor)! that’s not bad for 3 items! not to mention Tal’s Armor (IMHO) kicks Skullder’s butt power-wise (40% resist fire, lightning and cold. +12 replenish life. 928 defense. magic damage reduced by 15). and the ammy—plus 2 to sorceress skills. great. and who doesn’t want 33% lightning resist, 50 life, and 40 mana? all pretty useful stuff.

    Also, there’s the underrated helm. Arming my barb hireling with this helm and a fast weapon virtually ensures his immortality, even against bosses such as Mephisto!

    Tal Rasha may have eventually failed in his quest to contain Baal, but perhaps his soul may rest in peace by the knowledge that his set may be the only set that elite characters can truly consider as a viable option.

    Several people wrote in with praise of Sigon’s Set, which I had ranked positively.  But not positively enough, apparently.  Here’s Wookie7:

    #4 Best. Sigon’s—for someone who’s poor, this has got to be the number 1 set. Sure, the others you picked higher are great, but for us lower class trash, it’s almost as good as beer. Almost. You upper class snobs that have played for 2 years (at least) and have 12 of every item and sneer at us noobs trying to survive on lackluster equipment, BITE ME!! Er, again, sorry sir, didn’t mean to vent.

    One quick comment on Natalya’s Set.  From Firiel:


    First Thought: It’s called “Odium” not because everyone hates it, but because Natalya is the most useless NPC I can think of, and everyone hates HER for being that way.

    Second Thought: the ‘d’ in Odium was flipped upside down, and actually meant to be a ‘p’. And since everyone likes opium, the name suddenly makes sense! 

    He does have a point…

    There were two sets I didn’t mention at all that got a fair amount of support for the Best list.  Arctic Set and The Disciple.  Here’s Storm:

    I just thought that I’d write in and put in a shout for the Arctic Set for at least an honorable mention. It’s available at a ridiculously early level (2 for everything but the gloves at level 3, which are more limited by the str 45 requirement) and it’s relatively easy to find. Although the damage on the bow is low, it’s not unplayably so especially when you figure in the 26-44 bonus cold damage and the 10 dex. It adds a huge AR bonus that scales with level – the gloves and bow together can give 1000+ to AR if you’re willing to persevere with them through NM – where it is still viable if you use some decent +damage charms.

    Toss in random benefits like 40% MF, +10% IAS, +10% RA, huge cold resist, +70 life, cannot be frozen, a high AC bonus at low levels (which is where a pre-Valk amazon needs it) and you have to find some pretty nice items to make it worth breaking up the set.

    And to top it all off you know that your nearly naked Amazon isn’t risking frostbite to satisfy your lecherous looks.

    And the the #1 Disciple fan was Lothrain.

    The only negative comment i have is that the Disciple didn’t even get an honorable mention. I think that it is the best overall set, with +3 skills, huge resist all bonuses between the full set bonus and the resist all on the belt, and the requirements are low enough that any char can wear it. It also leaves both rings, both hands, and helmet clear. I have a pally wearing this set that is mad fast, as well as a javazon, it’s so easy to max your resists on hell with this set, pluls you get the always longed for 20 ias on what are in my opinion, the best gloves in the game. Also, you never get tired of hearing, why aren’t you wearing any armor? Since it is just a quilted armor, you look almost naked, and it’s cool, there is no cooler look in the game than a pally wearing the disciple, a gaze (makes you look like “the predator”) and a herald, add a shael’ed bstar, and you’re a mad killer with max resists and a nice chunk of life on hell. Same thing with the zon, any bow, or titans and a shield with a tals mask for nice dual leech, (yeah, i know that i didn’t say gaze, what was i thinking?) and rings open for more leech or resists, your golden. sorc’s also, that can’t afford uber gear benefit from this set with the 3 skills, and occy and lidless with a shako. Druids can kick a hellslayer and jalals, barbs can still wear the beloved arreats and use any weapon/weapon-shield combo. 

    One set that no one else waxed poetic about was Sander’s Purpleness.  One person does like it a lot though, and he’s got facts galore. Here’s Sabreslash.

    I think that Sander’s Folly would have made at least an honorable mention on the list since it is a great set for those level 30 some chars that don’t like getting rushed and like to do things on their own (like mine). The bonuses for wearing the whole set (including those inherent on the items) at level 30 looks as followed:

    • +1 to All Skills
    • +85% Better chance of getting magical item
    • +75 Mana
    • +116 Defense
    • +40% Faster Run/Walk
    • +5 Strength
    • +10 Dexterity
    • +40 Life
    • +1 Defense per clvl
    • +20% Faster Cast Rate
    • +4% Life Stolen Per Hit
    • +20% Increased Attack Speed
    • +9-11 Poison Damage Over 3 Seconds
    • Attacker Takes 8 Damage
    • +175 Attack Rating
    • +75% Enhanced Damage (7-10 damage on wand)
    • +8% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    • +150% Damage Against Undead
    • +25-75 Cold Damage

    Now one can look at the fact that one has all of the bonuses and still has 6 slots open, both rings, the amulet, the armor, the belt, and the shield. Now keeping this in mind, I will now mention what my char wears along with this set that is available because of the open slots.

    • Head: Sander’s Paragon
    • Amulet: Eye of Etlich
    • Armor: Skin of the viper magi
    • Shield: Moser’s blessed circle (socketed with 2 P. diamonds)
    • Weapon: Sander’s superstition
    • Gloves: Sander’s Taboo
    • Ring 1: Stone of Jordan
    • Ring 2: Stone of Jordan
    • Belt: Goldwrap
    • Boots: Sander’s Rip Rap

    This configuration at level 32 gives him +5 to all skills, great res.

    It’s an impressive list, until you notice that you’re using a wand and doing invisible damage for lvl 30.  So you can basically scratch the +damage on the wand, as well as leech, IAS, +AR, +undead damage, and poison/cold damage, or close to half the bonuses.  All the ones that are silver in the above list. But the other bonuses aren’t bad, if you want to get this technical for the Clvl 30-50ish range before higher quality exceps and then elites come in.

    General Comments

    Here’s Matt:


    One aspect about sets that you didn?t mention is that many of them can be combined in their entirety with other complete sets. Though most of these combinations are completely impractical (a high Clvl set combined with a low Clvl set, or a barb dual-wielding a sword and a wand), there are a few combinations that are fairly decent, especially for the power twinker.

    The 3 most practical set combinations are Angelic/Hsarus, Berserker/Hsarus, and Angelic/Death, as they offer logical equipment compliments and relatively compatible Clvl requirements. A dual-wielding sword barb might find that last combination to be particularly useful, at least for a few acts at normal difficulty. The Berserker/Hsarus combination is especially useful for twinking, as it can be equipped at Clvl 3.

    Several people sent messages similar to this one last week as well.  From Joseph:

    I am playing a 75th level paladin in single player mode. I am already in HELL after completing normal and nightmare, and I haven’t even seen 90% of the set items and certainly have seen 0% of the ones that you list. How does one get his hands on some of these choice items in single player mode? 

    You might start by reading my old MF guide… From there it’s just a matter of doing a lot of boring Meph runs with MF, at least until you get yourself fairly well stocked up.

    A mail from Mike about my playing preferences.

    Flux, I believe you are far too slanted in the favour of the Sorceress vs the other six character classes. That, and your obsession with Magic Finding, seems to prevent you from making a balanced case. In all of your “best” selections, you always sneak in a negative jab someplace.

    You should try to reduce your personal bias against non-Sorceress classes and the gear they (should?) use…

    Overall, a very entertaining read though.

    The funny thing here is that I didn’t really give a thought to Sorceresses at any time, other than considering the Tal’s Armor/Belt/Amulet combo, and I value the Tal’s Armor/Belt/Mask much more highly, since my Baal-killing Bowazon has used it with great success.  Oh, and that the Angelic Set is a great twink for one. I do play Sorcs on occasion, but far less than any other char but the Necromancer and Assassin, and have not played one at all in many months, on the realms or in a mod.  I wrote about “my playing philosophy” thing in the intro to last column’s feedback just so I’d have something to refer people to when they were ready to say I was biased towards _________.  And clearly I am towards Magic Find, as I explain in the intro to the last column.  But not towards Sorceresses.  In fact I’m somewhat biased against them since they are so easy if you’re cheesy.

    A couple of people made the jokes that I meant to make, namely pointing out the absurdity of Bul Kathos’ Wedding Band not being in Bul Kathos’ Set, and the same for Griswold’s Sword and Griswold’s Set.  Reward yourselves with a cookie, kids.

    And almost lastly, since a number of emailers said that I never post any positive mails, or else ask if everyone is as picky as the ones I do quote, here are some positive mails from people who aren’t being picky.  The majority of mails are like this, people who appreciated the article and found funny stuff in it; so yes, the emails I usually quote are very unrepresentative of the majority’s view. And people are always much more likely to mail about something they disagree with than something they were indifferent to or approving of.  That’s just human nature.

    From Robert:

    Man where do you get these jokes? Im gonna need to buy new underwear soon if you keep this up….

    I mean come on “It does get a bonus point for boasting the one elite set item that virtually everyone has found, since Meph seems to buy IK Mauls in six-packs at Price Club.” Rofl where did that come from?

    And this.. “Funny how Blizzard can make some set weapons so viable, while most of the time you just wonder what the hell they were thinking/smoking.” I think there smoking some special *, and not sharing.

    And omg lol your such a n00b!!!! The girl on the right in the blue bikini is clearly the hottest! N000B!! rofl lol. 

    From Jessica :

    Its my turn to rave about your hilarious columns. When I checked Diabloii.net this evening and saw there was a new one, I let out a whoop that brought my family in to see if I had broken something! It may be impossible to please everyone, but remember—some people find pleasure in critisism. So, even if some don’t like what you’ve commented on, you still may please them with the opportunity to rip it apart.

    From Randy:

    Keep up the good work, I always get a good laugh out reading your articles. The funny comments are great, and I can’t wait for your next installment.

    From Gaio:

    Great article. I was in tears on Tancreds. Doubly so because I read a forum post not too long ago about an all-set team and so I know there’s a barb or pally somewhere on US East (If I recall right) using the full set in hell. I’m sure he’s really pissed at what you said about his favorite set.

    I do think I’ve seen a +1 light radius amulet, which would narrowly beat out Tancreds for worst possible. But the very thought of having to dig so low in the magic item pool to find something worse than it is really a sad state of affairs. Keep up the good work.

    From Akandros:

    Flux, great column, I was laughing my ass off on this one. I swear, if I find another green breastplate I’m going to mail Blizzard a box with a dead porcupine in it. AS usual, the best part of the column was the wit you put into it. And I totally agree that Blizzard needs to re-balance the sets so that you can use them after level 15 normal.

    Keep up the good work, some of the e-hate is the funniest stuff to read anywhere. And no, an entire front section as disclaimer won’t help you, they will still hunt you down like a dog and make you take it back, you meanie!.

    From Bruto :

    Because I enjoy your column/website so much, I was floored at the messages you received as feedback to Decahedron #10 and which you posted in your follow-up column. Yes, I am a serious player, but I must not be in quite as deep as the players who complained so bitterly at what you wrote. Those people must have absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever, or they are so enamored of their favorite build that they cannot see the big picture which you give us with such flair. I admire your sense of fairness in actually posting their baloney. I considered recommending you simply ignore the entire pointy-headed lot of them, however, it is a reality check for those of us who love your column to see what a wide diversity of opinions exist in the world, right or wrong.

    Thank you, congratulations on your excellent writing, and keep up the good work!

    From Moridin:


    “People who feel an overpowering need to hate anything that brings joy to other people (such as my columns) as part of a desperate effort to momentarily mask the festering loneliness that scars every second of their poor, blighted lives.”

    In my opinion, that has to be one of the funniest damn things i’ve read so far. that’s saying a lot considering those very people you’re making fun of are what makes me laugh the most. i find a lot of humor in people who believe that it’s necessary to insult and/or lash out at someone who holds a view different from their own. These people should realize that constructive criticism is one thing, but don’t bitch about how much greener your grass is when you can’t stop forum trolling for more opportunities to be a child.

    Keep the up the great work, flux!

    I was hoping, in lieu of any nasty Necromancer jokes this time, to stir up some bitterness amongst the already bitter forum types.  Tragically, my efforts proved less than successful.  Isn’t that just typical of annoying people?  They’re never annoying when and how you want them to be annoying.  But since I’ve grown tired of taunting the poor Necromancers, and they’ve wised up to my sarcasm, I’ll have to find a new, easily-nettled target.  Nominations are welcome.

    From Lothrain:

    It’s hilarious how much pull you have, in the last couple weeks, I’ve seen Ribcrackers popping up in the hands of many characters, thanks for ruining my fun, I used to be the only one who used ‘em. I love killing pkers with a staff on a pally, makes ‘em mad and embarrassed.

    From John:

    Just want to show the greatest appreciation for you 11th “Decahedron”. It was a great laugh and a little “seriousness” underneath. Keep up the excellent work.

    From Mephiston:

    From having read much of the reader feedback in the past, I have to wonder if you view their responses with the same sort of irritation I do when answering a phone. You have to wonder if anything you say is penetrating the 6 inches of bone surrounding what they choose to call their brain. IMHO opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I have only recently picked up D2x again after a long hiatus, and having been a bowazon for most of my career, I have thrown away my ponytail and grown fangs as a hardcore werewolf Druid. I don’t have much in the way of MF equipment yet, however my character seems to be a gem magnet, so I get by. In closing, I’d like to say thanks for restoring my sense of fun in a game I had grown bored of, and thanks too to everyone at diabloii.net for all the great information, hints and strategies as well as the entertainment.

    From Soultek:

    Let me just say this…you are the funniest guy in the world! LoL your columns are the best…when I was reading the unique one i was cracking up so much…“cold, cold and more cold” lol…anyways..I just want to tell you you’re hilarious. Your columns are great to read and I also enjoy your website a bunch. You truely do have a talent for that kind of satire humor thats just hilarious, it’s very refreshing to get some humor on a game I enjoy a ton, cause humor in the gaming world can be hard to come by sometimes. I don’t think I’ve ever written to a column writing person before, but all those idiots who can’t understand how hilarious you are annoy me more than the damn darkness skill!!! I’ve finally found someone who hates it just as much as me. In games I usually get bitched at by everyone for saying to stop it lol. Anyways… I just wanted to say I really really enjoy your columns…I just found out about them, so this week I’ve been printing them all off and having a great laugh. You’ve got one reader for the life of your column …great job and hilarious

    For the very last mail, this one is pretty obviously from a sad little troll, desperate for some attention.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t encourage this sort of thing, but since it amused me, here it is. This comes courtesy of Nicholas, whose dry wit is surpassed only by his extensive game knowledge and expert grammar.


    NOT! you bitch monkey, i can’t belive you had your head up your ass so far as to pick Angelic Raiment as #2 set. Find me a char (outside of some n00bie in norm) that wheres the full angelic set and i will you give the best belt, a snocwclash, screw it, ill give you frigging snowchlashes, since you love them so much. And what the hell is up with your mf addiction. the top 4 sets, you mention GODLY mf….even tancred’s set made it into the best sets. How gay can you be asshole. Gayer than Michael Jackson, and thats saying something. Griswold’s set, the worst? Griswold’s set is much better than Tancred’s and definetly better than gay Angelic. Stop writing your wanna-be funny articles…loser. Maybe you can get your life back together.


    Flux?s Decahedron was written by Flux during 2002-2004, and hosted by Diabloii.net. These irreverent, often rude ?Top 10? columns tweaked every aspect of the game and community, pioneered the humorous ?Top 10? listing of game features during the eternal v1.09 patch era, were excessively long, and incorporated extensive reader feedback. They may or may not return for Diablo III. The opinions expressed in these columns are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Diii.net.

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