Fixing the Ring of Royal Grandeur

ancient ring of royal grandeurMost players and most builds require a DiabloWikiRing of Royal Grandeur, to give them some flexibility in their gear. A RoRG is awesome when you’re gearing up and want to get 2 or 3 or 4 piece bonuses from multiple sets, and it’s essential for many end game gear sets when you can gain more benefit from one item not in your six-piece set; Cold DHs want the DiabloWikiPride’s Fall helm, fire builds want a DiabloWikiCindercoat, pet builds want DiabloWikiTasker and Theo, etc.

Of course the first thing is to find a RoRG, and since they only drop from Act One caches, (and sometimes from the fully-random Act Four caches) it means a lot of repetitious Act One running. In the old days up to four players would party up to high speed DiabloWikisplit farm on Normal difficulty. These days players who can handle it farm on T6, for the 100% chance of a legendary from each Cache. And it’s not just a one-time thing, even very well geared characters will often put on movement speed boosting eq and spend some time running Act One on T6, looking for a RoRG with a socket, CC, or CD in the one random affix. (Or for an alt; my DH split-farmed 8 in under an hour on T6 this morning, saving them for my new WD to open.)

Farming RoRGs isn’t a horrible play mechanic — I think it’s much better now with the T6 100% drop, as opposed to the very cheesy four-way Normal split farming of old — and you do gather up a lot of needed Rift Keys in the process, but a lot of players hate it. Some suggestions about how to change it got a Blue reply, and as much stuff as the devs are changing up in the game lately, it’s not out of the question they might rework the RoRG as well.

Fixing the Ring of Royal Grandeur:

You do realize there are dozens of threads on how sick people are of just farming act 1 bounties over and over again for RoRG.
Tyvalir: That’s a fair point.

Wyatt mentioned in our Tavern Talk livestream that playing Adventure Mode is fun when you’re just beginning, but that players can get burnt out quickly if they spend all of their time just trying to farm the Ring of Royal Grandeur.

With that said, we’re currently considering ways we could alleviate the focus on just doing Bounties in one act over and over again. To get the conversation rolling, here are a few of the ways we could achieve this:

  1. We could allow Ring of Royal Grandeur to drop from Horadric Caches in any act
  2. We could move it to the global drop table, allowing it to drop almost anywhere in the game
  3. We could allow it to drop when you do one of the two bonus acts of the day (those which currently give bonus Blood Shards)

These are only three ideas, of course, so you can imagine there are lots of ways we could go about achieving our goal of encouraging more diversity when doing Bounties. With that said, how would you change Adventure Mode to incentivize doing a variety of Bounties across all five acts of the game?

What do you guys think should be done to “fix” the RoRG? I like the idea of another item adding the RoRG bonus, myself. Maybe there could be multiple items, like a belt, a boots, and a bracer that gave the same RoRG bonus, and you’d have to decide which slot was best to earn the bonus from. Assuming the inherent affixes on each item were sub-optimal (as the mainstat, IAS, and LpH are on the Ring) compared to the top affixes in that item slot, there would always be some level of trade off for the gearing flexibilty. (And the idea of 2 RoRG items granting +2, thus giving you the six-piece bonus from just four pieces, would be even more interesting.)

Here’s a survey/vote with the options mentioned above and a couple of others I’ve heard. You can pick multiple answers, so vote all that you think appropriate.

How best to fix the Ring of Royal Grandeur? (Pick all you approve.)

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  1. Why not just make it a special reward for completing all Bounties in all acts. It should only be achieved though if all the Bounties are done in row in a continuous online session.

    • Great idea, that's actually a lot of bounties to complete so it would still be somewhat of a grind but with a reward at the end, instead of the all too common swift kick to the junk ringless bounty bag.

    • That's possible, though guaranteed specific item rewards aren't very Diablo-esque. As we joke on the podcast, it's not a proper Diablo feature if it cant' screw you with RNG.

      Whether it would even be worth doing all 25 quests in one game is another isuse. On T6 you get a guaranteed leg from every cache, and I'm sure I could do A1 five times in less total time than than I could do all the long-ass bounties in A2, A3, and A5. (And I might get 2 or 3 RoRGs in those 5 A1 clears. Or zero.)

      I could see the guaranteed drop working once per char, the way you get a leg guaranteed from all act bosses your first time through on story mode. To give new players/characters the RoRG they need for early gearing, while longer term farming would remain a repetitive act bounty clearing thing.

  2. Personally I think they should probably just remove RoRG when the expansion rolls around. It was an interesting idea for an item, but I don't see that it really adds anything to the game. I'd prefer if they just made sets have a maximum bonus at 4-piece and just more interesting other items to choose from. One of the reasons RoRG was used so much was simply because 90% of rings were arse, and because sets take up too many slots.

    RoRG is the solution to a problem that shouldn't have existed in the first place.

    • The biggest problem of them all is infinite monster scaling. Most legendary combos cannot keep up past a certain GR level. Wanna get laughed at and kicked out of groups?, roll into a higher level gr party with Depth Diggers and a Simplicty Strength gem.

      Instead of limiting the scaling and reworking all legendaries, they focused on sets, and in my opinion placed too much emphasis on them by making them too powerful, this in turn creates the RORG problem.

      Getting rid of RORG does nothing to solve the problems with infinite monster scaling doing the most damage to the game beyond even bots.

      • but the new 1k storms set actually encourages spender skill damage stacking so they wouldn't be laughed at for long (if monk)


  3. Moving it to all caches wouldn't change anything, people would still only farm Act 1 for it because it's the quickest. Just add it to the daily bonus Acts so we're forced to play different Acts.

    • Agreed, it should be removed from Act 1 and simply moved to the daily bonus acts.

      Also they should give quadruple blood shards; double isn't much of a draw if the act is full of slow / annoying bounties.

    • That’s right Act 1 is the best act to farm. Because it is the fastest to farm, the incentive then becomes waiting until the daily bonus is in Act 1 to farm the rings. Fuck act 3 bounties.

      • I am not at all convinced that A1 is faster to farm than A4. Especially in the current live game, with almost always a very quick Hellrift bounty. A4 has small areas, and all the Cursed Chests and Rakanoth bounties are very fast to find/complete, plus the Silver Spire levels are pretty quick to explore.

        Only the "kill Purple" in the Gardens of Hope 1 and 2 are slow-ish. Even Kill Diablo is pretty fast. If you're well-geared, each of the three sections of his battle takes 15s or less, and auto-skipped cutscenes take no time at all.

        Of course that's all irrelevant while A1 has a 1/5 chance of a RoRG and A4 has a 1/22 chance, but when/if tweak those figures with this bonus Bounty Act change…

  4. They need to make it work like a Ramalamadingdong and you can add the enchant to any ring.

    • That would be convenient, but I think would be a crutch for itemization.

      IMHO, the RoRG is kind of an interesting item precisely because it's got 2 (or arguably 3) not great affixes. A socket is mandatory on a ring, and since RoRG has only 1 random affix and the others are IAS/mainstat/LpH, there's value in searching for one that gets a good affix in the random slot, letting you enchant 1 other affix. And even with a great RoRG roll, like +48% CD + socket, any well-geared char is giving up substantial DPS in the ring slot to gain the RoRG legendary affix.

      Which is, I'm sure Wyatt or another dev would say, the whole point in item design. It's why we can't enchant 2 or 3 properties on the same item to make everything perfect, or tack on the RoRG bonus to any item we like. And why any added items with the RoRG bonus would have to be non-ideal in their stats (you wouldn't want it on a ring or armor item that was just 4/1 random affixes), to create some kind of trade off or decision to the gearing dilemma.

      • You really like this "trade off" think right (reminds me the discussion about MF)? Yet here, it is not really a trade off because having a RoRG is always the best choice.

        • Well, trade-offs pretty much define the concept of balancing, which happens to be a game designer's job (whenever they're not busy finding more ways to monetize every facet of their product).

          I think that the ring's legendary property is one of the very few new, creative, meaningful and accessable mechanics in the game – potentially a game-changer. That said, I also think that for a single item, with almost no competition in its (double-)slot, the bonus is too powerful. Obviously, to bring the ring in line with the 'pretty arse' alternatives, the solution is not to get rid of the affix entirely but to introduce a more substantial trade-off.

          This could, for example, come at the cost of being the only ring which cannot roll socket. Another idea would be to split the legendary into a small set of 1 amulet and 2 rings, where the property becomes the 2-piece set bonus, leaving some flexibility.
          My personal favourite would be a combination of these two ideas: Transfer the property to a legendary gem. This way, you have two slot options where to put it and raise its cost to a socket i.e. another legendary gem property.

          • The legendary gem idea seems the most reasonable. That way everyone gets this seemingly required property more reliably, but with the tradeoff of losing another legendary gem effect, and other rings could now become viable.

            Maybe make the gem only drop from higher level greater rifts to act as a stretch goal for players.

  5. I feel the game would be more interesting if the next expansion just did away with set items entirely, or restricted them to two item bonuses (thus making the RoRG obsolete).

  6. They should just make bounties work on a token system. Each set of bounties earns you a token which can be turned into Tyrael for any cache. Then maybe award two tokens for bonus acts and an extra one for completing all bounties in one game…

  7. Imho they should switch the RoRG and the hellfire ring (or amulet) bonus. Given it's power it makes far more sense as a hellfire item.

  8. The most important part is to remove the FIX Life per Hit on the ring.

    It makes 99% of all drops complete fucking useless.

  9. Make it a craftable item.

  10. I got a brilliant idea. Let's make it so we aren't helpless without a set! Then we won't stack sets and need a specific ring so we have any gear variety at all.

  11. I've said it before. I'll say it again. 6 piece set bonuses are stifling this game and they have just released a PTR that commits even more of the sets to 6 piece bonuses. 4 should be the max. Having it be 4 gives the greatest flexibility in diversifying your build.

    Remember the days when Jay Wilson was trumpeting BILLIONS of builds? And here we are with each class having VERY few end game viable builds and they just keep digging that hole deeper.

    • i agree. the sets shd be 4 pieces instead of 6 to allow more diversification of builds.

      however despite it being an awesome idea, i wouldn't trust the devs to know how to balance 4 piece sets given their track record because atm they seem to be more concerned with ramping up the DPS of everything.

      i had an eyebrow raising moment when i saw the new 2 piece bonus for the tal rasha set. although its a great bonus, i doubt it will stay that way.

      • They have many options.
        • Keep 6 items bonus but have an item of the set for all gear slot.
        • Move the 6 items bonus to 4 or 2 but have the more powerful power using the same slot
        • Make 6 items bonus a kind of "preset build" like starters in TCG for noobs with a 10 items bonus. It would be better if items are craftable for this settings.
        • Replace set items by set of jewels that you can socket an any (non legendary) item.

  12. The reduced setbonus should only work for 1 set meaning you can’t combine different sets with the ring.
    This should close the gap between set and nonset builds a little – making it possible later perhaps to make them compete with eachother.

  13. Outright removal of the thing would be the best thing if it's such a problem. Having one item that literally almost every build no matter what class it is wants is just kinda silly.

    Buffing Legendaries with desirable bonuses that are competitive with sets is also an option.

  14. I vote: remove it from the game.

  15. RoRG is great but it remove variability on rings its allwais RoRG+unity or Unity+SoJ. But on what item can u put RoRG affix a mean u can put it on gloves but if u have RoRG gloves u cant have complete M6 or Firebird. what if blizz add somethink like Gift whitch add RoRG affix on some non orange affix item.

    • Your logic is backwards. If it is either RoRG + Unity, or Unity + SoJ, then removing RoRG means everyone will always use Unity + SoJ. Therefore RoRG is introducing diversity.

      • well Unity need rework its “need to have” item fo hight rifts, about SoJ i dont think it will be 2nd best choose in 2.2.0 why, there are coming new affix on rings, Zodiac reduce cd by 1 sec when u spend resorce, restrai+focus bonus up to 150% based on resorces, skull Grasp bonus to whirwind dps. things going to be crazy when 2.2.0 hit game.

  16. i hate this ring cant stand it, the new barb ik set is gonna force everyone to use this so lame get rid of it…

  17. Well, Love it or hate it … we need it. So, I'm hoping that it remains available in the cache of the Act that's easiest to farm. I wouldn't mind if it was available in ALL of the caches to create variety. But, I wouldn't want it removed all together from Bounty Cache's because, there at least, there is a guarantee it will eventually be found.

  18. Maybe I am weird but I have no problem with how it is now.

    It's a very unique item and ability so the place to find it should be too. Maybe have a small chance it drops elsewhere, but if you're hunting for this ring there should be one place you'd want to look.

    Is this worse than doing a million bounties waiting for a Witching Hour?

    What do people want, 1000 shard cap so they can buy the ring directly from Kadala with the exact stats they want?

    • I'm w/ you. I think it's fine as is. Even w/ the LoH.

      I think the general itemization and build design that relies on RoRG is poor, but I find nothing wrong w/ the ring itself.

      And yeah, I'm w/ you too, I'd rather hunt for it knowing it can drop from A1 caches, than rely on an unreliable world drop.

      Keep it in A1 caches, keep the fixed LoH, etc. Just change how builds are constructed, Blizz.

  19. RoRG isn't the problem, it's the symptom. The crux of the matter is this: 6 piece sets are too restrictive, but at the same time they are necessary.

    This issue won't be solved by moving RoRG to another drop table, that will only make gear progression even more random, which will be frustrating in another way.

    I think the solution is less restrictive item design. Make all Sets have 5 or 4 pieces at most, while also making individual Legendaries stronger, so that we aren't forced to use Sets. Then people won't feel compelled to farm for RoRG, but it could still remain a useful item. At the same time this would also help with the issue that there's only a few viable ring combinations at the moment.

    • I don't understand how Blizz doesn't understand this concept…

    • I agree in that the only way to reduce the dependency on 6 piece set items is to create/enhance legendaries so that a combination of them compete against sets. Creating legendaries with a risk/reward type of power would help with the build diversity. Example +30% cold skills but 30% more vulnerable to fire damage.

      • Or just more 7 piece sets w/ 6 piece bonuses. The trick that a lot of people seem to be looking for is legendary items that synergize as well as a 6 piece set does. I’m want more sets and all of them with more pieces than the set needs by default with an option, but not a necessity for a RoRG.

  20. another idea to the rings is as follows:

    since a character has 10 fingers.. why not increase the quantity of rings that could be equipped?

    lets say: double it!

    this would of course mean that the max crit chance/damage / attack speed, etc would have to be halved on each ring so we would not disturb the totals

    the main issue is that people need to use rorg in most cases and want to use soj in most cases (or unity for solo, at least on hardcore)

    all the rest is treated as temporary till you get those mentioned above

    but if we had more slots then we could actually see some variety in worn accessories

  21. After running 15 T6 ring hunts w/o any ring at all (got a whole grip of pauldrons, golden amulets, and poison maces), I've officially abandoned my S2 crusader. I'm done w/ S2, period. Paragon 150+ w/o a single got-damn RoRG. This whole system is crap. I 100% agree w/ the 4-piece maximum, dump the RoRG, and/or add some interesting effects to set pieces w/o the set bonus (like Danetta's).

  22. Where's #8 option – it doesn't need "fixing"? (I voted #7 btw)

    I'm a bit peeved at this generation of gamers who constantly complain about a slight inconvenience here and there.

    If this ring was in D2, do you know how many ppl would complain about it? I'm guessing close to 0.

    I'm also peeved that Blizzard now caters to any group of QQers to the point where it just shows how little spine and integrity they have. I'm seriously sick of Blizzard constantly changing D3. As the old joke goes, D3 is still in beta apparently. I get Blizz has their shareholders to think of, which means making games for $, rather than making games for the actual game, but it just gets tiresome how compromised and compromising Blizz has been since the Activision buyout.

    Gamers – stop being whiny brats
    Blizz – grow a spine and make the game YOU want to make for once

    • I will add, I'm not saying Blizz shouldnt listen to its fans of course. D3 is so poorly designed, listening to fans may be a good idea.

      But this isn't one of those cases.

      The ring is fine. As HardRock stated, it's the circumstances surrounding the necessity of the ring that should be considered problematic.

    • “If this ring was in D2, do you know how many ppl would complain about it? I’m guessing close to 0.”

      That’s because the difficulty cap in D2 was significantly lower than in D3, so there were many more feasible builds, meaning no single item become an absolute must-have like we have in D3.

    • I think some players would prefer if D3 was a fantasy shopping sim rather than an item hunt. And this constant crying over not getting the exact item they want exactly how they want almost proves it.

      Diablo 4 – Tristam Shopping Mall

  23. Did you check the leaderboards in the ptr ? Everyone is using focus + restraint. except the wd with both pet rings. Rorg is not a problem anymore !

  24. I say drop the set items completely. They were great in D2 era, but now they are just relic, restricting the gameplay and build diversity. Instead they should make some new legendary items, with interesting affixes that equel the 4+ set bonuses of current sets.

  25. “With that said, how would you change Adventure Mode to incentivize doing a variety of Bounties across all five acts of the game?”

    That was my favorite line from the original post. As a break from grinding out the rifts and grifts I enjoy Adventure Mode. Running through different areas of the Acts. I do the bounties because they are there and give you something to accomplish. Adding more bounties, different bounties, different rewards, different “quests?” perhaps. Maybe introduce new legendary items through bounties instead of through seasons. Give us more things to accomplish in Adventure Mode.

    Basically giving us more ways to play besides crank up rifts, rinse and repeat.

  26. It would be nice if the bonuses of the non-set items that are required by sets were just included as bonuses on the set items as legendary affixes, like how Danetta's has both a set bonus and individual legendary affixes for each item. A good example of this would be including Quetzalcoatl's legendary affix on the Jade Harvester's set helm, making it have both its own legendary affix and a set bonus, rather than needing 5 pieces of JH + RoRG + Quetzalcoatl just to use the set as intended.

  27. The bonus that RoRG provides is so powerful, that even if all it rolled was a socket and the bonus, people would still use it. Similar to Unity really.

    While a powerful ring, they need to incentivize other gearing options as right now its probably the most powerful item in the game.

  28. Remove the ring from the game.

    Lower set bonuses to 2/3/4 and make all sets 5 pieces only.

  29. Make it a reward from King Leoric in Story mode too. We need some reason to play story again.

  30. If you can't be bothered farming the RoRG in a farming game then it's not the game for you .

    You still have to run bounties to get rift keys so what exactly is the problem ?
    I already said in another thread where someone wanted the ring removing .

    "There is very limited Diversity in most builds , the game is becoming fixated on 6 set pieces which is in and of itself very limiting .

    Add in the RoRG and you can start to swap out a lot of gear to make viable builds , things like Cindercoat / Taskers or whatever else , like hexing pants , so on and so forth .

    Remove RoRG and there goes that very limited diversity to extremely limited diversity and everyone is back being the same again .

    For me , there should be more pieces that do the RoRG's job , then yes , finally a ring swap if needed .

    Oh I'm fed up of farming rifts , can I just have all legendaries sent to my mail box , thanks , appreciated .
    D3 has just become a game for whiners , constantly wanting this or that changed . Give an inch they take a yard , it's getting pathetic reading the forums .

    • I have no problem with RoRG being unique, and I like the idea of set items, but set items should be smaller sets. A knife and a mojo, belt and boots, two rings, chest and pants, stuff like that.

      Another thing that could help the situation is making the larger full set bonus more of a novelty. Like the D2 necro set that made you a vampire. Something along the lines of Tall Man's Finger, make the dogs look like snakes.

  31. Remove the RoRG entirely.
    Remove set pieces entirely.

    Implement a new “set power” system:

    Let a new type of item drop: The “set infusor”.
    What this new type of item does, it add “set powers” to already existing items.

    Kind of like this: You no longer drop a “Inna’s Chest”, but you drop a “Inna Set Power Infusor”.
    You then can select on a limited choice of armor pieces (ex. Chest, Boots, Pants, Wrists, Shoulders, Head) (for each set, different slots, but 2 or 3 slots more than required for full set) to apply this power.
    If this power is applied to x items, then certain “set power bonusses” get active. This new item type of course, also works on existing legendary (brown) items, leading to items with a great legendary as well as a bonus for combining a specific power.

    Well i know, as stupid as it sounds, such an idea (or similar idea) would enable the player to even further tailor the items to ones needs and also to prolong the farm game.

    • Sounds like you could do something similar with "set gems". Special gems that give various set powers when you have them in more than one gear slot.

  32. My solution: Make it an affix that can be rerolled onto any item without making it stack. BOOM! Problem solved permanently. Then give RoRG another new unique affix (like, oh, I don’t know, doubles effects of gems placed in it).

  33. i think the ring should be removed from game or have a different legendary power added to it, some builds require it to get bonuses but to progress at high level Greater rifts you need to have Unity and usally a second ring thats tailored to your build/class i vote Remove it completely alot of people don’t even use it anymore

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