ancient ring of royal grandeurMost players and most builds require a DiabloWikiRing of Royal Grandeur, to give them some flexibility in their gear. A RoRG is awesome when you’re gearing up and want to get 2 or 3 or 4 piece bonuses from multiple sets, and it’s essential for many end game gear sets when you can gain more benefit from one item not in your six-piece set; Cold DHs want the DiabloWikiPride’s Fall helm, fire builds want a DiabloWikiCindercoat, pet builds want DiabloWikiTasker and Theo, etc.

    Of course the first thing is to find a RoRG, and since they only drop from Act One caches, (and sometimes from the fully-random Act Four caches) it means a lot of repetitious Act One running. In the old days up to four players would party up to high speed DiabloWikisplit farm on Normal difficulty. These days players who can handle it farm on T6, for the 100% chance of a legendary from each Cache. And it’s not just a one-time thing, even very well geared characters will often put on movement speed boosting eq and spend some time running Act One on T6, looking for a RoRG with a socket, CC, or CD in the one random affix. (Or for an alt; my DH split-farmed 8 in under an hour on T6 this morning, saving them for my new WD to open.)

    Farming RoRGs isn’t a horrible play mechanic — I think it’s much better now with the T6 100% drop, as opposed to the very cheesy four-way Normal split farming of old — and you do gather up a lot of needed Rift Keys in the process, but a lot of players hate it. Some suggestions about how to change it got a Blue reply, and as much stuff as the devs are changing up in the game lately, it’s not out of the question they might rework the RoRG as well.

    Fixing the Ring of Royal Grandeur:

    You do realize there are dozens of threads on how sick people are of just farming act 1 bounties over and over again for RoRG.
    Tyvalir: That’s a fair point.

    Wyatt mentioned in our Tavern Talk livestream that playing Adventure Mode is fun when you’re just beginning, but that players can get burnt out quickly if they spend all of their time just trying to farm the Ring of Royal Grandeur.

    With that said, we’re currently considering ways we could alleviate the focus on just doing Bounties in one act over and over again. To get the conversation rolling, here are a few of the ways we could achieve this:

    1. We could allow Ring of Royal Grandeur to drop from Horadric Caches in any act
    2. We could move it to the global drop table, allowing it to drop almost anywhere in the game
    3. We could allow it to drop when you do one of the two bonus acts of the day (those which currently give bonus Blood Shards)

    These are only three ideas, of course, so you can imagine there are lots of ways we could go about achieving our goal of encouraging more diversity when doing Bounties. With that said, how would you change Adventure Mode to incentivize doing a variety of Bounties across all five acts of the game?

    What do you guys think should be done to “fix” the RoRG? I like the idea of another item adding the RoRG bonus, myself. Maybe there could be multiple items, like a belt, a boots, and a bracer that gave the same RoRG bonus, and you’d have to decide which slot was best to earn the bonus from. Assuming the inherent affixes on each item were sub-optimal (as the mainstat, IAS, and LpH are on the Ring) compared to the top affixes in that item slot, there would always be some level of trade off for the gearing flexibilty. (And the idea of 2 RoRG items granting +2, thus giving you the six-piece bonus from just four pieces, would be even more interesting.)

    Here’s a survey/vote with the options mentioned above and a couple of others I’ve heard. You can pick multiple answers, so vote all that you think appropriate.

    How best to fix the Ring of Royal Grandeur? (Pick all you approve.)

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