Hellfire Ring proc used to do this.

    Hellfire Ring proc used to do this.

    Sitting in clan chat the last couple of days, I’ve tried to talk some other players into doing some keywarden farming and then some Ubers. Without success. Plenty of players are geared enough to split farm them quickly in T6, but no one enjoys the process, and the chances of getting a good roll on a Hellfire Amulet remind of the old one-liner about playing the lottery. (It’s a tax on people who are bad at math.)

    Arguments against:

  • Key farming is the slowest and least fun thing ever (next to Wave of Trials?), with a long search for each of the four keywardens located somewhere on their huge surface area maps.
  • There’s little exp/item reward in KW farming; much less than the Rift(s) you could do in the same time.
  • There’s only a 50% drop rate for the keys even on T6 (though thankfully the Ubers have a 100% drop rate on T6).
  • The Ubers are very easy for well-geared chars, making the epic portal battles an afterthought.
  • The odds of a DiabloWikiHellfire Amulet rolling with anything approaching BiS stats are incredibly low, and many players feel one of the immunity amulets is mandatory for higher GRs.
  • The odds of an ideal DiabloWikiHellfire Ring is non-existent, since even a perfect roll wouldn’t be BiS in the ring slot in v2.2. At best it’s something you can gear for the exp boost on T6 or mid-GRifts, or put it on your Merc.
  • Etc. Because yucky…
  • Some players will do them anyway, especially people who have hours to play every day, since even the very long odds of a great Hellfire Amulet seem worth it. And/or it’s just something slightly different to do for a chance of pace. Most players don’t even bother, or just do a few early in a season, get all junk items, and lose interest.

    So how could this system be fixed, to become more compelling? Hellfire Rings and Amulets with better odds of rolling well? Quicker key farming? Fewer keys required to make Infernal Machines? All of the above? Here’s a vote with options for improvements. Pick all that you agree with, and of course there’s a “current system is fine,” just in case Jay’s voting.

    Changes to the Infernal Machine system. (Vote all you agree with.)

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    Try my new, less convenient location.

    Try my new, less convenient location.

    I didn’t mention that Portals should close after use so players can do multiple Infernal Machines in the same game, since that’s got to have universal support.

    Note that the system has seen some recent changes. Keys now drop globally, so players can split-farm KWs in multiple acts at once and Uber Maghda’s annoying invulnerability no longer lasts so long. On the other hand, the A4 now takes longer to farm, with Nekarat moved from the smallish Silver Spire Level 1 to larger, longer Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier.

    Hit the comments to explain why your idea for fixing the system is better than any of these, or share in the brainstorming.

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