Five Things Torchlight Does Better than Diablo II

That’s the title and the premise of a new article on Mtv’s MP blog. The five topics?  Pets and Loot, Open Classes, Inventory, Enhancing Items, and Shared Stash. Here’s a quote:

If you’re skeptical that a “budget” game could outdo Blizzard’s warhorse, “Diablo 2,” here are five things that Runic Games managed to improve on…and five things that I better see in “Diablo 3.”

1) Pets and Loot
You start off your “Torchlight” adventure by choosing your class and your pet, a cat or a dog. Your pet isn’t merely cosmetic, though. They’ll fight for you, they’ll hold loot for you and, best of all, they’ll sell stuff for you. One of the most tedious aspects of “Diablo 2” has always been the need to constantly head back into town to sell unneeded loot. Now you can load up your pet with crap, click a button, and they’re gone for around a minute. When they come back they’ll give you the profits, no questions asked. It’s a little dubious (as evidenced in this Penny Arcade comic), but in terms of convenience and cutting down on the tedium, it’s genius.

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3 thoughts on “Five Things Torchlight Does Better than Diablo II

  1. “Another thread by Leugi: Just because Diablo 2 had four acts does not necessarily mean Diablo II will have the same amount. What do you think?”

    That might need a bit of fixing.  Other than that, 4 acts seem just fine to me.

  2. A dog that sells your loot? Honestly? YOu know, selling loot doesn’t have to be boring. The only reason it’s that way is because developers let it go that far. As for me, I liked to pick and choose what I kept to sell later. It forced me to make choices rather than to just ride the wave. Riding the wave gets boring after a while too. But selling/buying could have more strategy.

    Bottom line, that’s what it’s about: strategy.

  3. Holy thread necromancy!

    That said, it’s interesting to see how Diablo approaches these.

    1. That would be handled by the ability to sell or salvage items in the field.

    2. DI did this.

    3. I totally disagree – item sizes is something that sets Diablo apart.

    4. It’s in DIII.

    5. Also in DIII.

    Maybe Blizzard read this article?

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