First Look at the Slaughtered Calf Inn

A new forum member named superhuman posted a still taken from an IGN video, which shows a bit of Diablo III we’ve not yet seen. As described in Judge Hype’s massive report, one of the early areas in the game is an Inn in Tristram, where your character seeks out Leah. While talking to her the other villagers start to act weird, and soon enough they go full zombie and the battle is on.

This shot appears to be from that area, as a brand new DiabloWikiWizard chats up DiabloWikiLeah and downs a pint, just before all undead hell breaks loose. The pic isn’t great quality, but I gave it some quick clean up in Photoshop to at least make it not be diagonal.


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  1. The Slaughtered Calf? Very nice. Way to go Blizzard with keeping at least *some* morbidity in the Diablo series.

    Also, first.

  2. The inn looks appropriately detailed (from what I can see in this small image).  I’m enjoying the text box better than the D2 style floating text.  Better than that is the ominous glow coming through the exit.

  3. IGN video and no link provided or did I miss something?

    • I posted this right before going to bed and just took the forum poster’s word for the video source, rather than digging through the 50 news posts this week for the right video. Yes, lazy, though I did at least PS the image to a more viewable form!

  4. I just want to remind you that some people prefer not to read story spoilers. Granted this was a _very_ minor spoiler, but as more quests and events get unveiled I’m sure spoiler tags will be appreciated 🙂

    The inn looks great!

    • You’d be better off unplugging your ethernet cable.

    • Probably best you don’t click into a news item if you have a spoiler threshold. One man’s spoiler is another’s titbit.  It’s a given everything that is revealed/unearthed about Diablo 3 will be reported on the site and discussed within an inch of its life on the forums.


  5. Man, I may hate on some of Blizzard’s decisions for D3, but this looks AWESOME.
    Day one buy.

  6. Wow…it’ looks like WoW.

  7. this is great , ask for more

  8. Can’t wait to see bigger cities like Caldeum. I hope one can walk around there, inhaling a relaxed atmosphere, as a break from all the action.

  9. I believe this is the gameplay preview where the (other) stills came from.

    I don’t have the link to the IGN one.

  10. Does it? Looks like a modern Blizzard game interface to me. Can’t see anything related to WoW apart from… well.. the modern Blizzard game interface.

  11. That is just awesome, love it.

  12. Sounds like the “Slaughtered Lamb” from WoW lol

  13. Inns are too warm… they don’t fit with the dark mood of Diablo!!!!1!111

    heh, just kidding people….

  14. Wait so you walk into the inn, talk to Leah.  Then all of a sudden the normal living people just suddenly all turn undead… Did they look sick or what the lol? What makes them so unspecial that they don’t even get to fight for there own lives. 😉

  15. I see that they are going out of their way to make sure WoW fans feel right at home.

  16. Lots of WoW talk huh,

    Fortunately never played it – I am hoping soon everyone will be all ‘sweet… looks like D3’ ^_^

  17. I went downtown to a German bar the other day and I walked in the door and I was like “This is so WoW-ish”. Then i left.

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