Hail to the master race.

    Hail to the true master race.

    We posted early this week about the first four-player clear of a Greater Rift 50 in Seasons, and looking now there are several other groups at 50 or 51 in non-seasons on the US and EU. There’s even a group up to 52 on the Asian server.

    How about solo play? Has anyone beaten GR 50 yet by themselves? First Greater Rift 50 Solo Clear: Demon Hunter! A DH on the Korean server managed the feat Friday night, finishing GR50 in 14:09, making him the first person on any server to solo clear GR50. The GR50 DH’s account can be seen here, but there’s not much to learn from it if you don’t read Korean, since Google translation isn’t of much use.

    The second character to beat 50 was also on the Korean Realm, a Barbarian who did it in 12:29 earlier today… but I’m assuming that the Barbs on Asia are cheating the same way US/EU Barbs are, so meh. (And yes, it’s possible some/all of the highest DHs are cheating the same way the Barbs are; by tricking the game into allowing four players in for the Guardian battle.)

    Assuming the DHs are doing it legit, congrats to them. No one has managed a GR50 solo on the US or EU yet, but several Demon Hunters are very close. There’s a non-seasonal a GR49 DH on US and a 48 on EU. Hopefully the contestants are streaming or recording their games, and we’ll get a video for a solo GR50 to prove it was legit.


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