We hope everyone has had a nice New Years Eve and you are feeling somewhat comfortable with writing “2009” or “09” in dates, even if that means you are actually back at work… We sure haven’t had any lack of activity in the Diablo community over the holidays regardless of IRL social interaction, so we can expect even more when Diablo 3 is finally released!

    Just as over Christmas, there has been a lot of new and hot threads in the forums. Here are a few random highlights out of your submitted (and our favourite) threads, but don’t forget to send a mail to if you find a particularly interesting thread in need of highlighting! Thanks for the New Year week contributions, and keep them coming!

    One of the Unannounced Classes? (Dervish)

    • The DiabloWikiDervish was mentioned by DiabloWikiJay Wilson some months ago and geshi, a first time poster, picked up the topic again with a few interesting observations.

    Diablo 3 Patches and Events Frequently?

    • raveharu asks if we might like seasonal content in Diablo, similar to WoW. What would you like?

    Diablo III Release Date Question

    • The Diablo 3 release date is naturally something we all think about (and have a huge thread for). New member snipermcguns have a nice laid back idea on how to find out when the game will ship….

    About de Globes

    Your future Barbarian’s Name Will Be…

    One-liner Wishes: What Do You Want In D3 The Most?

    • Simple concept. What do you want the most? You only get a one-liner to explain it! Thread idea by mkbush.

    Is Anybody Else Scared of Release?

    • Perhaps an odd question, but [cK]Extreme is worried if D3 will be niche enough for his taste. The question is if people want niche or mainstream…

    Thanks again for the past week’s submissions, and remember to use the Diii.net Diablo 3 forums to dull your work pains!

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