Who was your first Diablo 3 class? Are they still?

This question comes up every now and then, but it’s always good for some conversation. Who was your first Diablo 3 class, and why did you pick them?

When you first got the game, what made you decide to pick a certain class over another? Just because it’s your favorite? Or is there more to the story?

For me, I picked the wizard to start because it was the only class that none of my RL friends picked. I was originally going to go with a DH, but two of my friends already decided to run the DH as their first/main character. Two others picked barb. Another picked a WD. And the last one picked a monk. That left me with the wizard.
Nevalistis: My first experience with Diablo III was at Blizzcon 2011 playing the demo. I’m not sure why, but the Wizard called to me and I absolutely loved it. I enjoy the idea of having all the elements at my beck and call. My fate was pretty much sealed when I found out one of my favorite voice actors (and people) was the male counterpart.

I was thiiiiiis close to naming my first Wizard “Zelgadis.”

Better in cosplay than gameplay.
Better in cosplay than gameplay, alas.

Vaeflare: I love playing ranged casters, and truth to be told, I picked my first character based off of her voice! When I first heard the female Wizard speak, I instantly recognized the voice actor as being from another series I enjoy (“Avatar: The Last Airbender”), and decided it would be fun to journey along through Sanctuary with her commanding voice leading the way. 🙂

I’m surprised how many players seem to have stuck with their pre-game favorite forever, or who never even tried other classes, since I’m quite the opposite.

When D3C launched I was most interested in the Wizard, but she’s wound up my least-played class since there aren’t any builds I really enjoy. During the first month after release I alternated between a Wizard, a Barb, and a Demon Hunter, leveling them all to 60 and sharing gear between them, and only got to the Monk and Witch Doctor after that… and yet today the Monk is by far my #1 in time played, and I’d put the WD as my 2nd or 3rd fave class to play now.

Did you guys have a pre-game favorite that you’ve stuck to ever since, or have you betrayed your first love? Did you start out determined to play all classes and experiment? Or something in between?

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28 thoughts on “Who was your first Diablo 3 class? Are they still?

  1. SoftCore Demon Hunter, 500 hours…. Pre-Paragon

    I’ll say this, I don’t think dead HC chars should transfer to Sharagon 2.0, because my 500hrs didn’t net me any bonuses for Paragon 1.0

    Once Paragons came out, I tried a barb, I never believed the game could be so easy, and I never went back to DH.

    Rolling a WD on Xbox 360 now.

  2. I loved playing a Sorceress in Diablo2 and Mage in WoW, so it seemed natural to go with the Wizard here…..but oh, how bad it felt and played. Never been so disappointed with a class in my life. A Witch Doctor became my main and I got it to P75 before leveling all the other classes to 60. Now I just play hardcore and wouldn’t dream of taking on a Wizard….Monk is the way to go!

  3. I started off with a monk, since I really like the D2 Paladin, and the monk was as close as it gets back then. Played ~250 hours with her in total, so she still my most played char by time spent, but that’s much because we’re talking about the early days and also my first time with the game, when I still listened to every bit of lore/book/scroll/cinematics etc.

    After the monk I’d started a wizard, who I kind of neglected at the time but later returned to and he is today paragaon 30 and I do wish to play more with him.

    My main, however, is a DH I started third, and who reached paragaon 60 just the other day. By far has the most DPS of my chars, and I currently play with her on mp8.

    Also have a barb who I’ve finished Inferno with but not really played much afterwards (about paragaon 10 now), because I really played a lot with the barb in D2 and I don’t really feel he’s changed a lot.

    Still waiting for the right time to start a WD though…

  4. Was a big Amazon lover in D2 and thus started with a female barb carrying spear and shield.

    Well, actually I started out with 10 levels of softcore wizard, THEN started the amazon-look-a-like on hardcore. Her current (6th or 7th) incarnation is sitting at PL100 and have a DH racking up PL levels as well, hardcore and 2 x HCB for style, ofcourse.

    Have also tried a wd, wizard and monk. Still need to get those to 60, but those are purely for a change of pace. The barb remains my go-to toon.

  5. The wizard for sure. I played one in beta, and it was the first character I rolled. I still have her and she is still my main.

  6. The class I was most interested in was the Monk, since I enjoy fast/light armored melee classes. Leveled him to 60, got bored and quit the game for quite some time.

    When I got back into it I deceided I wanted to start with a blank slate (and self found) so I deleted my Monk (silly me) and started a Barb which I again leveled to 60 only to find out it just isn’t the class for me.

    So now I’ve started another Monk again and while I really love the playstyle I still think it’s too bad that they went with the Holy theme for the class. But with the Crusader on the horizon I hope they will emphasize on the Monk’s Elemental side. Looking at his skills, this is far more suiting for him anyway.

  7. Barb, tried the other 4 classes, then back to Barb because it’s by far the most efficient class.

  8. Barbarian since demo of D2. Though Wizard and Spectral Blades made me interested during D3 open beta weekend but she ended as my 2nd. Barb is going to be my main until Druid will make his spectacular comeback 🙂

  9. My first char was the Barb and I had no intentions of ever changing that.
    Then I got to Inferno when Inferno was still hard and Barbs were useless tanks.

    I immediately changed to Wizard and now I’ve got ~850h playtime with him while my beloved Barb has on 100h.

  10. started wizard still main wizard. Since I’ve brought 5 or 6 other characters to 60 and a few paragon but my now P51 wizard still reigns as my best character.

  11. I played through the game on Normal with a DH first, since I love ranged physical classes in RPGs.

    But, as soon as I finished normal, I started using an RNG to determine which class I would play that session. Despite the one-difficulty head start for my DH, it was the second class with which I finished Inferno: my WD took advantage of RNG to leapfrog ahead. Even now, even though playtime is based entirely on RNG, my WD has a 3-PL lead on my DH/Monk, and my Wizard is 3 PLs behind the next closest character.

  12. I tend to favor ranged classes in Diablo games, so Wiz and DH were definitely going to be my first two characters. I started a Wizard first and then started a Demon Hunter shortly thereafter…after 1+ years of play, my DH has won the tug of war between those two classes and I’m trying to (slowly) grind away at Paragon levels with her (currently P53). I do still enjoy the Wizard and I will definitely give her more play time with the revised skills in ROS – I named her Frostkitten for a reason but alas cold based skills are not the best/most fun in the game right now.

  13. Started a dh with friends and went to 60(p75). Got really tired of running away from everything all the time. Switched to Monk(P100) for more aggressive gameplay and made him the MF char to equip the other toons.
    Still play both but revamped dh skills seem to make the dh more fun to play currently.

  14. Anyone else find it funny Vaeflare (and one of the commenters) picked Wizard because they wanted a ranged class?

    Speaking of, I went Wizard because I was expecting D2, aka make cold sorc > farm > start actually playing game. Turns out Blizzard was so afraid of exactly that happening they overnerfed Wizards (this being well before people had the gear or knowledge of CM).

    Since, as it happened Wizards were just a melee class unsuited for melee I went Barb for a while, but upon hitting 100 started playing the other classes.

  15. I chose the Wizard having been impressed by Spectral Blades early in development. I’d never seen anything like that and thought it was awesome! Unfortunately, I built her to be quite the glass cannon and ended up needing to swap out that skill for something with longer range.
    Have I been true to her? Nah. Even though she’s still my highest level character, I’ve also dabbled with the Monk, the Witch Doctor, and the Barbarian.

  16. Since playing the rogue in vanilla wow thru cataclysm and the cat druid I knew immediately what I like and went with the agile Monk and haven’t skipped a beat I do kinda want to explore the Witch Doctor once Sharagon comes active.

  17. I knew I would go Wizard first, and she’s still my main (probably about 400 hours on her). Ironically, I wanted to run Witch Doctor next, but I got bored after Normal and he stalled in Nightmare. I had a friend rush me a Barbarian, and I played him for about 30 hours, then got bored because the game was too easy and Monster Power didn’t help, as if I wasn’t dying in 1 hit, I was immortal. I finally ran up the Witch Doctor, and am enjoying his play style a lot.

    That said, I haven’t been doing a lot of Diablo lately. The new Magic: the Gathering set just came out, so I’ve been spending most of my time drafting. Once I start back up with Diablo again, I’ll probably continue with my Witch Doctor, or go level a Demon Hunter.

    Of all the classes, the Monk disappointed me the most. He looked really fun from the start, but he ended up being more about stacking up passive benefits from Mantras than being a combo-hit class like the early demos played him up as. If we get more passives that reward using multiple different spirit-generating Martial Arts skills, I’d probably play him more. I always wanted to live the fantasy of being magical Bruce Lee while playing him, but I never really got there; if more stuff rewarded that kind of play-style, I’d probably switch to Monk.

  18. Started with DH>Wizard>Barb>Monk>Witch Doctor

    Have played Wizard most. And you have no idea what you’re talking about Flux! Wizards are awesome! D:

  19. Monk was my first, I still play them, but not solo anymore. Monk is now always in parties. Barbarian was my new main but I think I’m leaving it behind for Crusader, I’ve been wanting a str/shield character since release.

  20. I started with a Witch Doctor because it seemed the most interesting to me. I next played a Barbarian in a party with my friends and it has been my main ever since (Barb was my main class in D2). I have played some Monk and Demon Hunter, but still have yet to create a Wizard!!

  21. Whenever I start any action RPGs I always go for melee. Since I started D1 with warrior, D2 with Barb, might as well go for Barb again in D3 just for familiarity and to compare it with previous classes.

  22. Started with a WD, played her through to level sixty and went back to try everyone else out through the levelling game. I have found builds that I enjoy on all five classes, but right now my highest paragon is a Barb and my most effective gold generator is a Wizard with a Monk just past level sixty. So there.

  23. Wizard for me and also my first char to 60, just this last week. There are no ranged characters in the game, at least not in inferno, but I do enjoy the Wizard and the Demon Hunter (not nearly as much as the Zon), more than I enjoy the others, with Witch Doctor in the middle.

    I plopped down 20 bucks to buy gold to build an Archon (already had some pieces) because it was either that or leave the game completely. It’s the only class/build I really love at this point. The Black weapon news above doesn’t give me much hope.

  24. I’ve played with my barb almost 1000 hours. Variations of WW build are just too much fun still to this day and I’m playing since it was first discovered in original inferno.

    Now I’m playing with a monk and I enjoy droping
    that bell, it’s so much fun. Still have to try out other classes, CM wizz looks like a good time, but somehow I still think that barb’s WW build it’s the most entertaining.

    I hope when they kill him in the next expansion
    (R.I.P.) that they will have a good alternative.

  25. i started with sorceress in diablo 1 and 2 and again in diablo 3 as wizard as primary avi..and of all the on-line games diablo has been the best in graphics and challenge. diablo 1-3 are great rpg games they should be all linked some how so that we have a more challenging game and when reaper is ready for market link that one to the other 3

  26. Range character were always my favorite so I picked the DH first. She still my most played. I also enjoy playing the monk. Those two classed I played quite a bit and I even have 2 types of monk. I had a WD phase but don’t play it much anymore. The wizard and barb were the last. Now I have a decent wizard but my barb still sucks. I seem to no understand well the mechanics of the barb. Also, there is a question of gear. My barb is not so well decked out compare to my other classes.

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