First Diablo 3 API Details

Now that character profiles will be added to the Blizzard site, today Blizzard revealed more information on the Diablo 3 API. The plan is to make character information available for external use, and as we suspected, there are no plans to include any auction house tie-in.

With the release of Diablo 3, we are working hard to make career and hero profiles available to the community. With career and hero profiles, we are excited to also release a set of API resources specific to Diablo 3 for community fansites and developers to consume. I’d like to take this opportunity to give a preview of the progress we’ve made to the community and open up discussions around what data will be available.

Please keep in mind that this is an early preview and there will likely be many changes to the D3 API by the time it is released. Also note that we haven’t finalized several key pieces of information including artisan recipes, hero and follower spells and powers and achievements.

A short FAQ explains what will be possible.

Q:Will the AH have API access in a similar manner to WoW?

A: There are no plans to create an AH API (even read-only) for gold, hardcore gold or real money.

Q: What about achievements?

A: We do plan on providing all achievement information much like we do with the WoW API. The difference being that achievements are account bound.

Q: How will the request limits work? Is the “~3000” requests per day going to be shared between the D3 API and the WoW API?

A: The same as with the WoW API. The requests per-day limits will be shared between the APIs as most fansites and applications are game specific (with a few exceptions).

The data is being split into 2 parts, the Hero Profile and Career Profile and a couple of early samples on how these will work have been posted, oddly enough in the WoW forums.

Even though there is no Auction house API Blizzard restated that they have no plans “at this time” which could mean they will work on something in the future. If there is money to be made to encourage AH usage, you can bet something will be created eventually.

Building D3 AH APIs is not something that we will be dedicating resources to at this time.
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18 thoughts on “First Diablo 3 API Details

  1. “Now that character profiles have been added to the Blizzard site”

    What? Where?! 

  2. What’s the point of having character information available for external use? I’m not trying to bash people who care about such things, but trying to understand why would someone care about it. Since leveling to 60 is not hard and every character is basically exactly the same as any other character of that class, that leaves this part out. The achievements and other statistics do vary from one player to another, but they are kind of pointless IMO, no? The one use I could see is being able to link information / pictures of one’s items for trading purposes.

    • i hate troll comments…every character is not the same.  Especially not exactly the same.   I played in a lan party on saturday and was surprised at the variety of builds people went with even early game.  They differed quite a lot from the early builds i have going for the 5 classes.   And that is just skill choices. Take gear into account and every char is vastly different.
      the rest of your comment is legit..why would people care…well, it’s simple. People like sharing and comparing characters and the web is by far the easiest way to do it.  Yes, in game is easy, but what if I’m at the office and just wanna chat with someone…I don’t wanna login to the game..but we can easily bring up our chars on
      This very thing came up this morning when my co-worker said he wished he could link me his char. 

  3. Would have loved some way to access AH information from the outside, too bad it isn’t going to happen.

      • A set of connection points that allows one program (in this case, website) to connect to another.
        A way to pull data from Diablo servers to other sites.

  4. Wait,
    “I’d like to take this opportunity to give a preview of the progress we’ve made to the community and open up discussions around what data will be available.”
    So where is it?

  5. I’m confused. I know what API’s do and how they can be useful from a Developer standpoint, but why release this to the public? What types of things might this be useful for? Integrating with a FanSite?

    • Well, the reason to release it to the public is to allow more people to create more stuff. A big fansite could put some programming muscle to use by having character info linked to your account on the site, or let you easily link an item from your stash in a forum post.
      And also it would probably take one guy a few hours to create a badge or something to put up on your blog that shows your character. Or maybe a Facebook app that posts to your timeline when you level up.  The possibilities are endless!

    • Because all the developers at Bliz work on the same parts of the game simultaneously and the guys working on the API would otherwise be working on network issues, right?

  6. @Siege Valgore Correct. You could use it for any application, such as an iOS app, desktop widget, Chrome extension etc. I bet the highest use though will come from generating forum signatures  🙂

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