The initial allotment of tickets for OC Register’s Blizzard Blog has now been sold out. If you weren?t able to get tickets this time, you?ll have a second chance on Saturday, May 30, as another batch will go on sale then. Coverage of the gaming festival will also be offered by DIRECTV as a OC Register’s Blizzard Blog event, available both via satellite and Internet stream.

    On another note, keep your eyes peeled starting this Monday, May 18th.  Many fansites will have a giveaway of Blizzcon tickets to fans through contests. Check us back often for any updates.

    Last year, Shon Damron revealed to OC Register’s Blizzard Blog that 15,000 Blizzcon tickets were sold within … 15 minutes.  Swallow deep, and rephrase that in your mind.  That was 1,000 tickets per minute.  Correct. An average of 16.6 tickets per second.

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