First Act Three Screenshots Revealed

The Diablo III preview that appeared in the PC Gamer print magazine back in early November, has now been posted online. The text and content is the same, but the images, which were squinty small and none-too-clear in the scanned version that popped up online, are presented in full size and quality, and they are delicious.

You can see the PCG preview here, which is definitely worth a read, and it’s studded with the three new shots, plus a selection of others from the Beta. I’ve added the new ones to our gallery; click the thumbs to savor the DiabloWikiBastion’s Keep action, with new monsters (Is the demonic invasion from Hell all just giant, armored Fallen?) and some very nice spell visuals. Thanks to Erik for the tip.

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    43 thoughts on “First Act Three Screenshots Revealed

    1. In theory, we’ve seen these before, well, not these exact screenshots. However, we saw a nice “how we made this” bit in Blizzcon 2010. Still looks awesome though!

    2. Im not one to complain usally about the way d3 looks ( i know dont hate me) but i hope they up the visuals on those enviroments in bastion’s keep because to me they look very bad…… i hope that goes through another wave of polishing, which i would think would be done by now, but maybe im just going crazy and cant see them well enough….

      • You aren’t too crazy, those stone railings look pretty bland. And even those flaming light sources look kinda distracting. Still, we will have to wait to play the game to see how we feel about the environments.

    3. I thought they always saved snowy areas for expansions.

      Shots are pretty bad; they’re cropped oddly and why would they have them zoomed in? You’d think that for the first official screenshots, Blizzard would have put more effort into them.
      Still cool to see, though.

      • They are spoilers, but gradually things are becoming common knowledge as the developers release more details. If you don’t wanna know any spoilers, you’d best abstain from visiting this site.

      • Agreed.  Some of us are refraining from any content beyond the beta, if any, for a reason.  Can you please put any information like this hidden for those who do not wish to see.

        • Bastion’s Keep has been talked about for like two years now.
          If you don’t want to know about Diablo, then don’t go to a Diablo fansite. This is some pretty basic stuff, it isn’t like they’re posting pictures of the end of the game.

          • As others have said, this area was shown in lengthy movies from Blizzcon panels 2 years ago. Also; it’s a battle with demons on a castle; it’s not exactly a shocking inclusion in D3?

            Also, we’re going to get a LOT more Act 3 screens before the launch, I’d pretty well guarantee it. Check out the file names of the jpgs on the PCG site, if you doubt that.


   for instance. 01-027 aren’t in this update, sadly.

            • I’m not arguing that it wasn’t posted before, but that still doesn’t change the fact that some might have chosen to not see it.  I, personally, would like all of the d3 act content to be new.  I’ve visited your site for years, and there’s plenty of content and information I’ve gained that hasn’t spoiled the game/plot, such as followers, skills, etc.  Are you telling me that it’s that difficult to place information regarding acts or plot behind a spoiler warning?  If so, then yea I guess I shouldn’t come here anymore.

    4. super bland 🙁  wont be doing farming here, but that’s ok – the game has plenty of awesome looking zones that we’ve seen so far

      • EXACTLY my initial thoughts 🙂 But this is a zoomed in view, remember. The interior shot looks much better cuz its not, I guess.

        Also, the Diablo 3 particle effects are super-awesome, probably the best I’ve ever seen so far. The swirling mist in Act 1 or the desert winds in Act 2 really add a lot of atmosphere to those places. In Bastion’s Keep the wind and sleet on the battlements will be a major contributor to the way the place should feel – like a big snowy fortress.

        So  hold your horses people!

      • I couldn’t agree more with you all. I thought this was an another TL or TL2 article and the title was referring to TL2’s act 3 after I saw the screenshots.

    5. Wow the environment looks like a fucking atrocity, it’s as if they ported it straight from World of Warcraft:Mists of Pandiarrhea.

    6. Omg, why did they release those screenshots? They make Diablo 3 look like something made in 2006, and even that’s a stretch. Graphical Fidelity in them is appauling for something to be released in 2012 O.o
      The looks of the areas themselves are… meh. Yeah, i get it. It’s a fortress covered in snow. With some interiors. Yawn…

    7. I’m not impressed by these shots. I would be surprised if this is the final polish of this area. And of course we don’t know anything about the graphic settings and resolution.

    8. Star Wars 1, 2 & 3.
      The Matrix 2 and 3.
      Franchise instalments you wish had not been made, and try to pretend do not exist, because they tarnish the memory of something good.
      Diablo 3?

    9. As someone who used to try to spend his free time updating the Wiki, entering Diablo contests, and checking this site 10x a day:  I’m .. just not interested in this game anymore.  I will probably buy it, but I’ve never felt so ‘meh’ about a future Blizzard title.  Everything — the story, the graphics, the gameplay, the voicework — seems so riskless and bland.  I’m not sure how to explain it, but the game seems like it lacks spirit / character .. Almost as if they’ve polished the game down so much that it’s become a shiny, sterile thing that I can’t really bring myself to have any feelings for.  While it sounds great that they’ve distilled all the successful elements and conveniences from their previous games, I don’t like this result.

    10. So my complaint isn’t with the art style, it’s, with how it still looks like D3 dev teams are still funneling you in the right direction because we can’t figure out where to go. I understand this is just a snap shot in time, so I could be way off, but I’ve heard the complaints from the beta, unfortunately haven’t gotten to play it yet myself, and I’ve heard the reassurances that beyond mid-Act 1 you’re hand is no longer held. I just hope this is just a snap shot in time, but it is a concern of mine.

    11. After beating Skyrim these graphics are HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      The red monster in armor looks so cute and cuddelly that I don’t want to fight him! I want to hug him in the cold winter! As others have said this looks like Torchlight! Not to bash Torchlight since it is only a $20 budget game.

      Diablo is not a budget game though and some people are paying like $100 for their collector’s edition. Cartoony and WoWy so this does not fit the Diablo Universe as well. I know you’re not supposed to be in absolute terror where you are legitimately scared. You should not feel like hugging the monster though and these environments seem to have no creativity. Titan Quest graphics look similar to maybe a bit better and that game was released years ago!


    12. Maybe flux made a mistake posting this in diablo section, cause it obviously belongs in torchlight section ;). This is by far the worst screens I’ve seen so far. Not trying to bash blizz, but this is just bad imho.

    13. It looks like in act 4 we are going to fight bugs bunny, daffy duck and other loony toons charaters (probably the kid versions of them).

    14. I don’t know why everyone is so surprised, ALL of the screenshots look like this – these three are no exception.  There are doors in the beta that are a flat brown slab without any wood grain.  I always thought this was a Diablo tradition – D2 was released as a sprite-based game at 640×480 in an era of 3D models and 1024×768.  It was optimized for Voodoo cards which went the way of the dodo 6 months before the game launched so most people were running a 640×480 game on their Geforce2 at 15 frames-per-second under heavy load.  There were all sorts of bugs with ATI cards so things like the Gidbin floating on the alter beside Hratli didn’t show up.  It was completely crappy looking but WE PLAYED IT ANYWAY.
      My thoughts are that I will be so busy killing anything that moves as fast as possible that I won’t give a crap, just like D2.

    15. I think what grabs my attention (or doesn’t) is the immediate lack of detail. Everything seems to come straight out of some 3D modelling program without any handcrafting done to it at all besides coloring (and bland coloring at that). It just looks like… Torchlight.

    16. These have to be unfinished graphics, they look no where close to the quality of the stuff we’ve seen in Act 1 and 2…

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