A strange sort of Q&A featuring a guy who claims to be a fired Diablo III play-tester has popped up in the forums, creating more skepticism than excitement. The post is superficially-plausible, since there aren’t any obviously-disqualifying errors in his statements about D3, but it’s a lot less impressive, interesting, or convincing than you’d expect a real “tell all” post by an embittered ex-game tester to be, and the general opinion thus far is that this is a hoax.

    You can read the full post quoted in our D3 community forum, and though I don’t think it’s legit, I’ve put spoiler tags over the sensitive bits. The post talks (briefly) about the overall game plot, the Act Bosses, and the setting for Act Four, and even though nothing the guy asserts about the fiery meteor, Tyrael, the Lesser Evils, etc, hasn’t already been said by fans in plot speculation threads… just in case.

    To quote myself from the thread, there are plenty of reasons to think this is a hoax:

      1. The link to the alleged source is dead, and was 4chan.
      2. The game comments are is 98% known info, with only a few slightly new tidbits.
      3. There are several things said that contradict details observed in Blizzcon play.
      4. The story about why the guy was fired is implausible. (And makes him sound like an idiot.)
      5. The general level of believability is pretty low. Any knowledgeable fan could write a FAR more convincing version of this in 15 minutes.

    Someone who has played the entire game should be able to effortlessly and incidentally include so much unknown info that it would convince, or at least impress us. I don’t even mean the major unrevealed features, like stuff about the Auction House or Mercs. Just a bunch of smaller tidbits, like talking about the plot details of all the Artisans, or what happens to Cain and Leah. Obviously such things could be made up by a spoofer, but so little of this doesn’t come from well-known public info that it doesn’t seem very *inside*.

    Still, who knows? Most of us thought the leaked Blizzard game schedule was fake when it first appeared, yet time has confirmed several of its claims, and done nothing to discredit it. I don’t think this alleged play tester’s account will fare as well, but on the Unofficial Diablo Site you’re free to read it and make up your own mind.

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