Wyatt Cheng posted to let us know that the six piece bonus on the Wizard’s DiabloWikiFirebird’s Finery set is broked. Firebird’s Finery Disabled: Hotfix Coming:

    Firebird’s Finery temporarily disabled

    During the final steps of deployment of Patch 2.1.0, an issue came up with the reworked Wizard set Firebird’s Finery. In the patch we updated the set bonus to be much more powerful than before. However, due to a bug, the set is not functioning correctly.

    Rather than hold up the patch until this bug is fixed and verified internally, we have opted to release the patch with the 6-piece set bonus disabled. We are preparing a hotfix for the set and will apply it as soon as possible. Our best estimate is sometime tomorrow at the latest, but our team is working hard to have the hotfix applied as early as later today.

    Thanks for your patience! We’re as eager as you are to burn things with fire.

    kill_it_with_fireAlas, I must deduct a point from Griffindor for Wyatt not saying “kill things with fire.” As for the bonus, if you haven’t seen the patch notes, here’s the change:

    Firebird’s Finery, (6) Set Bonus

  • Enemies killed by Fire damage explode and set nearby enemies on Fire, dealing 300% weapon damage over 5 seconds.


  • Dealing Fire damage causes the enemy to take the same amount of damage over 3 seconds, stacking up to 3000% weapon damage as Fire per second
  • After reaching 3000% damage per second, the enemy will burn until they die
  • A big improvement and Wizards on the PTR found it delightful. So will Wizards on the live, once it’s working.

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