Fire Fire Fire!

Another day, another teasing tweet from @Diablo. Today’s “wish you were here” message concerns destruction, always a popular topic in these parts.

Every fire explosion the FX guys create is the best fire explosion we?ve ever had in the game. I think they?ve got a competition going.—Diablo

If you wanna be all “glass half empty” you could conclude that the earlier fire explosions must have been lame, if every one since then has been better and better? I wouldn’t go there, though, since all of the explosion graphics I saw at the last two BlizzCons were hella juicy. The sad part is that the animations don’t translate into still image screenshots very well, and the gameplay movies, even HQ ones, only give you a hint of how cool the graphics look in person, on a big screen.

That said, here are a couple of screenshots with explosions because um… explosions!


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1 thought on “Fire Fire Fire!

  1. You have square monitors? Or is it just the looking down view, and my being so used to my widescreen, that they look odd to my eye?

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