Legendary and Set items drop much more often (for most players) in D3v2, and they come from all over the place. Most of mine come from monsters, with about equal amounts from trash mobs vs. Elites, but I find quite a few from Goblins (crafting plans especially), and a surprising amount from chests, barrels, and other destructibles or clickables.

    Thanks Leo the generous!

    Thanks Leo the generous!

    That’s a big change from D3 vanilla, since even after legendary drop rates were increased post-release, they came almost entirely from monsters. That’s not just anecdote or memory, either. We spent several months last year running a fairly intensive legendary drop survey and tabulating the finds from dozens of players, and the vast majority, over 95%, were dropped by monsters.

    That, to say the least, has changed in D3v2. I’ve seen it in my games and heard it from numerous players. A reader, Blast Kid, sent an unsolicited email last week just to point out how many legs he was finding from corpses, chests, loose floor tiles, barrels, etc and he even attached some screenshots as evidence. A sample:

    Is this holding true for the rest of you guys? It is for me, though as always, it’s hard to tell factual evidence from short term RNG. I found a lot of my legs from destructibles and clickables the first few days of D3v2, while more recently almost all of them seem to be coming from monsters. I think that’s just luck, rather than some change in the game’s drop tables, but who knows? At any rate, I’ve seen enough legs from chests and crates and such that I make an effort to open and destroy everything, just in case. The one weird exception; golden and blue chests. I don’t remember ever seeing a legendary from one of the special chests since the patch went live, and that’s after those chests were quite lame all during the RoS beta as well.

    How fares you guys? Where do you find Legendary Items in D3v2?

    Where have you regularly found legendary items in Diablo 3 v2? (Pick as many as apply.)

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