Where do you find Legendary Items in Diablo 3 v2?

Legendary and Set items drop much more often (for most players) in D3v2, and they come from all over the place. Most of mine come from monsters, with about equal amounts from trash mobs vs. Elites, but I find quite a few from Goblins (crafting plans especially), and a surprising amount from chests, barrels, and other destructibles or clickables.

Thanks Leo the generous!
Thanks Leo the generous!
That’s a big change from D3 vanilla, since even after legendary drop rates were increased post-release, they came almost entirely from monsters. That’s not just anecdote or memory, either. We spent several months last year running a fairly intensive legendary drop survey and tabulating the finds from dozens of players, and the vast majority, over 95%, were dropped by monsters.

That, to say the least, has changed in D3v2. I’ve seen it in my games and heard it from numerous players. A reader, Blast Kid, sent an unsolicited email last week just to point out how many legs he was finding from corpses, chests, loose floor tiles, barrels, etc and he even attached some screenshots as evidence. A sample:

Is this holding true for the rest of you guys? It is for me, though as always, it’s hard to tell factual evidence from short term RNG. I found a lot of my legs from destructibles and clickables the first few days of D3v2, while more recently almost all of them seem to be coming from monsters. I think that’s just luck, rather than some change in the game’s drop tables, but who knows? At any rate, I’ve seen enough legs from chests and crates and such that I make an effort to open and destroy everything, just in case. The one weird exception; golden and blue chests. I don’t remember ever seeing a legendary from one of the special chests since the patch went live, and that’s after those chests were quite lame all during the RoS beta as well.

How fares you guys? Where do you find Legendary Items in D3v2?

Where have you regularly found legendary items in Diablo 3 v2? (Pick as many as apply.)

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60 thoughts on “Where do you find Legendary Items in Diablo 3 v2?

  1. “The one weird exception; golden and blue chests. I don’t remember ever seeing a legendary from one of the special chests since the patch went live”

    I’ve found a grand total of one Legendary from a Resplendent chest. None from Cursed ones. In my experience these have about the same chance to drop a Legendary as a white chest, but they are of course much more rare. Their drop rates could certainly use the JW trademarked doubling treatment.

  2. For me it’s trash mobs + elites etc. + uniques
    But i got so many weapons without socket that it’s not funny anymore :p

    • Or when you get a socket you don’t get mainstat or a good damage roll.

      That’s intentional! It’s a sort of ad for RoS, the same as the lvl 60+ skills you can’t activate, and the occasional Crusader item you find.

  3. poll id=”135″]” below the post.

    Instead of link to Blast Kid’s pictures i only see “[gallery link=”fil
    Sorry to be OT, but the polls and so on is not working for me.

    Instead of the poll i only see “

    " below the post.
    Instead of link to Blast Kid's pictures i only see "
    I am running Firefox on Windows 8.1 (i did try Chrome and IE and the same result)
    Any help ?
    • I’d guess you have some kind of script blocker that’s preventing it from appearing, but if you see that in multiple browsers, then it’s weird. This is why I’m glad I don’t do tech support.

  4. In 90 min of play yesterday 1eg belt + 7 plans (2 leg (Wall of Bone + Moon something), 4 yellow BS and 1 ammy jeweler). I mostly find stuff in all the categories above but I can’t remember getting anything from random purple monsters you encounter that are not bosses. TG also don’t yield much except crafting materials and a few rares. I think I’ve seen the most legs from elits and random white chests more than anything which is cool since it forces you to break/open everything you see!

    At this rate I’ll have all plans before RoS hits

    Leveling is also good (went from P36 to P86 since) and playing with people in INC2 is also very fun (my DH sucks so I play on T1)

    Alone on T1 I can manage pretty well but when I hit a 4 player game I can see my DH struggling a bit more as enemies have a lot more HP so it takes me much longer to down single enemies compared to people playing with me which kill most of them in 3-4 shots.

    I also think the DH is less efficient than some classes like Wizard or WD which can spam many AOE spells in parallel (time bubble, meteor, frozen orb, etc.) which makes them much faster killing machines compared to the DH which can only dish out one or very few skills compared to these classes (not sure about monk and barb as I haven’t played anything other than DH since I stopped 8 months ago before patch 2.0 hit).

    • ” […] but I can’t remember getting anything from random purple monsters you encounter that are not bosses.”

      Indeed. Purples, who are not Bosses or Keywardens, never even dropped a single item for me. IIrc one dropped a mat, but everything else was a golddrop only…

  5. I played a good portion of the day yesterday from the beginning of the game until 1 blood of Zultun Kule after a quest reset. I found 5 legs 3 belts an amulet and a boots. Unfortunately even with the quest reset the Butcher did not drop a legendary for me. Very disapointed but I did find one 2 seconds before entering the boss chamber so I guess it balances out.

    • “Unfortunately even with the quest reset the Butcher did not drop a legendary for me.”

      Nor should he. You can only reset your quests at level 60 I believe and that point only Diablo will give you a guaranteed Legendary (previously Leoric).

  6. Self found will be awesome for about a month for levels 61-70. Enchanting might extend it a few more weeks. Loot 2.0 is underwhelming and BoA will be the end of the game. The only thing that might help is the adventure mode which admittedly I haven’t played yet.

    • I won’t quit the game until I get the set that causes enemies killed by fire damage to explode for 300% weapon damage to everything around it. That should take some time at least. Also, the staff that causes enemies to run away at the sight of it combined with the item that causes feared enemies to explode for damage. I must experience this.

      • I played a lot of Torment with my DH in the beta and didn’t find a single item from the higher level DH Embodiment of the Marauder set that the Bliz dev char had all 6 items from.


        Collecting those, especially getting good rolls on them, will be a long term project in RoS. And with Smart Loot your odds of finding them on the appropriate class are pretty good, but you’ll never pick up the other class sets by accident.

        • Actually i got a set item for another class at least once. Playing on my wizard i got a semi-crappy Bul-Kathos’s Warrior Blood and this time it had a socket ! If memory serves i also got Natalya’s Bloody Footprints while playing on my monk.

          Or were you refering only to the high-end sets ? πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve found what seems like a wildly disproportionate number from normal chests and purples. Almost nothing from elites.

    • I’m keeping track of my LEGs from regular chests, five so far. The drop rates for a game on T1 or T2 seem to be about where they were for a 500% MF Paragon character D3C.

  8. I lost count on how many Treasure Goblins I have killed in 2.0. But its easy to count the amount of legendary item they have dropped… its ZERO.

    Rare mobs and regular chests seems to be the best chance of legendary for me.

      • I was cursing goblins before, but they drop diamonds… Check the diamond prices on AH. Gem Goblin <3 here…

        (On topic: Using legacy puzzle ring on follower, zero legendaries from goblins.)

  9. I could care less where my legendary comes from really so long as I get them. There have been some weird chest leg streaks, but overall I’m getting them from a nice variety of sources.

  10. I am trying really hard not to complain and be angry at the game. Legendaries HAVE dropped for me, but they are rarely any kind of meaningful upgrade at all. I only get the 1 legendary per hour “timer” consolation drop, and it’s usually a crappy ring or a 2-handed weapon (on my wizard, mind you). Whereas, my friend the DH, joins my games, kills for 5 minutes and gets a legendary. Then 10 minutes later, gets another. Then about 4 or 5 elite packs later, finds yet another, and i’m sitting here plodding along like a starved neglected third world child. It’s quite frustrating, and I don’t get how he routinely gets this happening. Routinely. And by “routinely,” i mean every single time we play together, without fail, 100% of the time. And he doesn’t even want any of them because his gear is so amazing already. I am trying SO hard not to whine, but it’s beginning to irritate both me and our other buddy we play with, since he notices it, too.

    • My first tryout of patch 2.0.1 was with my WD – slow running, slow killing. Only played The Weeping Hollow and the three tombs (on hard), but got me around 7 legs (with only one useable) in the time. Then went to my wizard, whose killing faster on t1 than my WD on hard. But he only got two Legs from Fields of Misery up to the Butcher.

      The main difference on the characters is around 290% mf on the WD against around 80% mf on the Wizz. So I guessed that whoever has written that the influence of magic find has been castrated concerning legs may have been right, but the effect of accumulating the affix is there, nonetheless – and substantial.

      But may also just have been a rare case of good RNG-rolls, though…

      • He has 0% MF. I have 29%. Our other friend has 0%. Is there some sort of plan in place to orally service Demon Hunter players now in regards to legendary drops? My boss plays a demon hunter. He logged in last night, played for about 45 minutes, got 2 plans, 3 legendaries, 2 of which were upgrades. QQ

        • It could be that Blizz balanced it, so that the classes more dependend on good items (, especially legs, ) for effectivity/survivability have a better droprate overall. But that’s in the realm of pure speculation and conspiracies. But that’s definitively something to look out for, if the drop survey is ever repeated for 2.0.x …

    • The current message of the day in the IncHC clan: “Scientific fact: Everyone else finds more legendaries and doesn’t deserve them, and your are uniquely unlucky.”

      • Could be “Blizzard has whiner and qq detection script which nerfs MF”

        And the less leg you find, the more you whine…

  11. my guess is that they have purposely made legendaries drop more from random things like trash mobs and breakables, and less (or not at all?) from goblins and elites because they are trying to steer us away from doing “runs” and want players to just play through the entire game, experiencing everything it has to offer.

  12. I think it’s about the same from each πŸ˜›

    It might just look a bit skewed due to the amount of a ‘type of monster/chest’ someone encounters…

    A chest always drops something right?, but a monster doesn’t. Also, think I got only 1 legendary from a treasure goblin, but I obviously haven’t encountered those as much as I have chests or elites or so…

  13. He has 0% MF. I have 29%. Our other friend has 0%. Is there some sort of plan in place to orally service Demon Hunter players now in regards to legendary drops? My boss plays a demon hunter. He logged in last night, played for about 45 minutes, got 2 plans, 3 legendaries, 2 of which were upgrades. QQ

  14. So here is my detailed summary:
    Monsters-thingy – 26
    You-click-it – 14
    Unknown source – 1

    Kill (26):
    gobbies = 4 legs + 1 leg from gobbie poop (gobbies throw gold on the ground, sometimes they throw items, one time, funny that was my first leg in the patch, he lost legendary item πŸ˜€ )
    trash = 1 leg
    elite = 8 legs
    quest-purple = 3 legs (Kulle, Mira, Gavin)
    boss = 9 legs (7 of them was guaranted)

    Click (14):
    body = 3 legs
    breakable = 3 legs
    chest = 5 legs
    stone vault = 1 leg (chest like(?) found in defiled crypts)
    event-reward = 2 legs (both Jar of Souls)

    Most my legs came from bosses, but most of them was guaranted, then elites looked like most rewarding for me (my last 3 legs came from elites). There is not enough data to say, though.

  15. Definitally from ordinary chests/destructables for me. Always great to get a legendary from a random pot you happened to have hit with your frozen orb πŸ™‚

    Also, it seems to me that legendaries drop much more often on pre-60 characters. Not based on actual facts but just my gut feeling. Anyone else experienced this too?

    • Well you get guaranteed legs from each act boss your first kill on a lvl 1-59 char. So that’s at least 4, if you work through the whole content. I’ve always gotten one from Leoric my first kill of him with a new char also (though maybe that’s changed in the new patch with that bug fixed?).

      I do think the overall leg drop rate is buffed for low levels, though. As it should be; new chars like to find upgrades and are weak if not totally twinked, and they progress so quickly that they outgrow gear.

  16. From rare/unique monsters, trash. Nothing from chests although, thanks to others’ hype, I now break everything vs. running past breakables. This in a little over week Wiz to 60 MP40. Goblins are too fast for her AoE spam so can’t comment on that.

  17. I haven’t given it enough attention to accurately say where the legendaries I have found are from. I have noticed resplendent chests being underwhelming, and smaller chests I seem to be unable to pass since I know I’ve found several from them.

    I have noticed similar to martimus that I am very close to maybe one per hour and I have gone as long as 3hours play time (sadly I did check because I was getting frustrated) without a legendary. I haven’t compared it much to others however.

  18. The last Legendary i got was off a dead villager. But i think the most i get are just out of normal chests.

  19. Mostly white chests for me with elites a close second. Still have yet to see one from cursed/resplendent/gobs.

  20. There is no freaking way people are getting that many legs from random junk. Getting ONE was such a shock that it freaked everyone out and now they think random dead yokels strewn around the Fields of Misery were decked out in Mempos, Windfurys, and Leoric’s Signet. Yes, I got a great set of Gladiator Gauntlets from a random bone pile, but I’ve gotten so many more from the usual source; random elites. Granted, random elites drop so much less overall, one stinking rare, rather than the explosion of goodies in vanilla.

    • Resplendent(?) chests are the big, golden ones. Usually found in dungeons, but sometimes appearing in the one or other overworld region. (Especially if linked to an event.) They give (/gave?) generally more gold, gems and items than normal, white chests.

      • And now you get special glowing blue chests from Cursed Chest and Cursed Shrine events, or sometimes events or quest rewards. (There’s one in the crumbling vault treasure room, IIRC.)

        Their contents are underwhelming, in my experience.

  21. One of my most surprising drops last week was from one of the Deckard Cain satchels. Now I make sure to click on every single one I find.
    I’ve found legendary items from just about everything except for act bosses, resplendent chests, and treasure goblins.
    That said, the overall drop rate of legendaries, and legendary and set recipes, has been very satisfactory as of the 2.0 patch.
    I just wish the loot from act bosses, resplendent chests, and treasure goblins were just a liiiiittle more exciting.

  22. I was farming the Act IV Keywarden last night and I had a crazy drop. On just one kill the Keywarden dropped the legendary crafting plan, Griswald’s Masterpiece, a Key of Hate, and a Nagelring. Needless to say I flipped the fuck out with excitement.

  23. I voted and selected them all. I have received numerous Legendaries from all sources. I kept track for one playthrough due to some testing we were conducting, and then have just idly noticed, but even Cursed Chests and Resplendent Chests have dropped them for me. I’ve received two (two rings) out of one normal chest. Interact with everything and flip every body. I find that my droprate for Legendaries goes up when I’m playing more thoroughly and I also think this points to the importance of having a character that can spam AOE so that you can destroy the environment in an efficient manner.

    • Thing I really noticed when I first found a Krindershot in the beta; the gold sprays coming from objects. I’d been clicking most and destroying most up to them, but having a bow that feeds me resource for Elemental Arrow results in crazy numbers of Lightning Balls flying in every direction, and those are really effective at breaking the environment.

      I didn’t notice any extra legs I found from that, but the fountains of gold were very obvious. This is more of an issue in Act Five, since many areas have a ton of breakables along the sides of passageways and in the more open areas, in a way you don’t see in any of the environments in A1-4.

      So yes, more AoE or destructible-breaking projectiles will make a difference in your leg and gold find, long term.

  24. First leg from Resplended Chest!
    Make your wish and maybe it will become reality (spare Jim Carrey this time, ok?).

  25. Almost all of my legendary items come from white chests and trash mobs. It’s kind of funny actually, I used to hunt elites because they had better drop rates but now I try to avoid them because mowing through trash gets me legendary items faster than looking for elites.

  26. Whoops, I meant to click on all options except the last.

    I’m finding legendaries from every single thing that has any chance of dropping any items, but the vast majority come from white chests, clickables and destructables. I probably get the least from uniques, followed by elite packs.

  27. I’ve gotten about 20 legendaries so far (haven’t been playing that much), but about half of them have come from chests, and the other half have come from trash mobs. I’ve gotten maybe one or two from Elites, and about that much as well from Uniques and Bosses. My personal opinion, though, is that regular chests have dropped the most for me.

    I would second the opinion that Cursed Chests and Resplendent Chests are worthless now. I’ve never gotten a legendary out of either of them. Cursed Chests I don’t mind so much, since you get a lot of XP and gold for completing the cleansing mini-quest, but Golden Chests really have no excuse to be so bad. I think they should both drop about as much as a Treasure Goblin; that would be balanced without being too easy. Goblins have dropped one or two legendaries for me, but they drop a good mix of everything, so they’re always good to kill, and they drop gems, so they’re extra important. If they did the same treatment to Golden/Cursed Chests, the game would be a lot better.

  28. I’ve been keeping track of my legendary drops since 2.0 started since I was curious to see where we’d get all the shiny loot. I’ve found TONS of legendaries from clickable items (either destructible or containers)…early on the demonic vessels in act 3 were a great source for me. Boss packs (champions/yellow elites) have done pretty well and purple monsters have dropped a number of legs/sets for me too.

    The worst sources for legendaries (from my experience) have been trash mobs (only 2 or 3 total), special chests (so far only one drop from a resplendent chest) and treasure goblins (only 3 from them).

    The drop sources definitely remind me of the console version, where you can find them all over the place – it can be a little startling when the come from dead bodies since those auto-pop when you move within range and all of a sudden you hear the distinctive “clang!!” I’ve always been obsessive about clicking on everything in any Diablo game so it’s great to have that effort worthwhile now. I’ll echo my feedback from previous posts about 2.0 – click on EVERYTHING!!

    I’ll try to do a tally up of my legendary/set data (been marking down the item type, source and difficulty) and put that up in a post some time. I’ll also say that jewelry makes up probably 25-30% (or more) of all my drops (I’ve found that Blackthorne amulet 4 times now!). =^-^=

  29. I haven’t been logging my drops but I have noticed that the majority of my legendaries have come from basic interactables or destructables. White chests, corpses, crates, and vases. I’ve yet to see any legendaries from elites, treasure goblins, or golden chests. This is likely simply due to a huge difference in frequency though, and not drop rates. I rifle through far more corpses than I kill elites.

  30. Speaking about breakable, did you get legendaries only from
    “red outlined when pointed” breakable or other breakable also?

    I got some from the first but not the second. This is sad since the second kind of breakable requires more knowledge of the game and adds a reason to use an auto-destruct skill (which all have low damage (arround 20%): shuriken cloud for the DH or frozen storm for the Wizard, don’t know other classes).

  31. ATTACH


    Goblin earlier tonight, and 3 drop skeleton king a few days back. First leg I’ve seen from a gob since patch.

  32. To my brother’s huge annoyance a bunch of my leg drops have come from him opening a chest or killing something while I’m in town doing my chores at the vendors only to teleport to him and find a golden star on the mini-map. Yesterday Inna’s Vast Expanse and Kekegi’s Unbreakable Spirit (love that proc) dropped like that for my monk.

    Totally one way occurence though πŸ™‚

  33. Here’s a completely anecdotal account. I read this article, realized I hadn’t been hitting the clickable items recently, just out of habit. I had about 15 minutes to blow, so logged on and went to Fields of Misery (Torment 3).

    I killed about 10 trash mobs, then clicked a pile of stones and voila! Legendary staff! It was The Broken Staff, so 2 handed and worthless, but still…

  34. i have been doing full-game clears on Normal since they revealed that skeleton king has guaranteed chance to drop after reset (diablo now)

    my findings have been like so

    1. there is little or no difference in actually drops per hour between difficulties. higher difficulties may drop more items, but this is equalized when you can one shot act bosses, elite packs, and gargantuan mobs of quest-trash with one button, thus giving you more actual elites/chests/destructibles per hour due to the clear speed.
    2. there is little to no difference in the quality of legendaries. (i dont know about rares because i dont bother to look at them, i make guaranteed money on white items anyway) i have found some very good items such as 1350 dps 330 intelligence socket one handers on normal, and i have found 78 all resist 391 life regen 400 vitality rings on torment 4. it’s all rng.
    3. a majority of legendaries drop from elites, chests, and destructibles. occasionally you might get one from a white mob, but its probably close to a 95%/5% split in favor of the other targets. and when you get one from a white mob, theres a pretty high chance it was actually from that pile of bones their character model was blocking.

    • forgot to mention, act minibosses/bosses (such as jailer, maiden of lust, kulle) SEEM to have a higher legendary drop rate than they have ever had before 2.0. i base this only on anecdotal evidence such as having gotten 3 legendaries from maiden of lust in act 3 in the past week as opposed to a grand total of 1 in all of the hardcore act 3 farming i did in the past 2 years.

  35. Complete Change from version 1

    Then trash mob 80% elite 20%, practically nothing from anywhere else.


    55% elites or boss, 40% from white chest and villagers, 5 % other. I personally have never gotten a leg. from a respondent chest.

    Hey anyone want to do a dead villager run, I got a good path scoped out. Obviously the general population of Sanctuary has alot more legendaries than the average elite boss. Why do they need us anyway.

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