Final IncGamers Podcasts

The two last (?) podcasts from our parent site IncGamers’ coverage of E3 is now out, and I highly recommend you to listen to them.

  • In IncGamers E3 podcast three, the team discuss the most interesting games of the day, and have invited our L.A. based contributor DD Hollis to the cast.
  • The final E3 podcast was recorded not long ago direct from the show floor, discussing this year’s event, and the best games of the last day with the full E3 team present.

If you missed the big event that is E3, you can check out all the news at, as well as listen to all four of the IncGamers’ podcasts.

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1 thought on “Final IncGamers Podcasts

  1. @ Rockman, you need to read the statement again because it is worded this way for a reason.

    “when a player buys the StarCraft II box at retail, they will have the ability to play on the new for free.”

    If was to be completely free they would simply have said ‘Battle.Net will be free to play’

    It’ll either be a month free and then subs or free but with an option for additional (desirable) features on subscription.

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