As promised there’s another update to Diablo3Ladders,Com. The data on Most Used skills has become even more customisable which means you can tailor the results to be more applicable to your own characters. Firstly there is now an Advanced Filter which means you can show most used skills between certain character levels, paragon levels and even within a specific tree of skills.

    diablo 3 skill rankings filter

    Advanced Filter

    The other new feature is the ability to highlight the skills used by your characters in the data tables.  Below you can see I’ve filtered it to show skills used in all trees by other Demon Hunters level 53 to 58 and to highlight which of those I’m using on my own Demon Hunter, Stabbatha.  You need to be logged in to use this feature obviously as it won’t know who your characters are otherwise.  So use your normal Diablo: IncGamers log in for that. If you don’t have one, well you really should have one don’t you think.

    diablo 3 skills used

    Highlight the skills used by your own characters


    Hope you find these useful and keep an eye on more developments this week.  Keep your suggestions coming.

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