The Escapist has posted a wacky, humorous version of a Diablo 3 preview which you’ll enjoy to the extent that you enjoy wacky, humorous articles like this one. A quote:

    Diablo 3 is a game. Players take the roles of a DiabloWikiMonk, DiabloWikiBarbarian, DiabloWikiWitch Doctor [Diii.net editor’s note: and DiabloWikiWizard ofc] and a fifth yet to be announced class that is most likely the Rainbowmancer. Blizzard wouldn’t comment too much on the details but told me that the Rainbowmancer potentially could harnesses the power of colored light to smite evil and distract enemies by sending them on foolish quests in search of pots o’ gold. Each class gives players the option to play as a male or female character, but those differences are merely a cosmetic choice. The female barbarian, for example, does not have any bonuses to cook wild animals or wash the party’s loincloths.

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