Gamerant.com has posted a humorous piece speculating about Diablo 3’s secret DiabloWikififth character. Their potentials include; The DiabloWikiDeckard Cain, The Furry, The Nice Guy with a Positive Attitude and Brightly Colored Clothes, The Batman, and The World of Warcraft Character. Here’s a quote:

    The Furry

    Cat people, or Saber Cats, are a race of furries native to the jungles of Kehjistan. Introduced in Diablo II, these feisty felines are intelligent and organized and would be a perfect playable class for Diablo III. Their skill with javelins and throwing potions make them the perfect fit for the missing ranged character as well.

    The true selling power of The Furry lies in its fandom. Role-players at heart, these anthropomorphic characters lend well into Diablo?s marketing scheme. With previous furry experimentation in the Druid?s Werewolf/Werebear abilities and the Saber Cats, players can transfer their entire ?fursona? into the Diablo universe smoothly, without conflicting with lore. Diablo III, now Furtastic!

    I am duty-bound to point out that a Furry wouldn’t be anything new to the series, since Blizzard added one in the Diablo 2 Expansion. If you disagree, I ask you, how else could one viably play a Druid during the 5 years before the v1.10 finally upgraded his elemental tree to a passable level? And if you’re going to object that furries are all about scritching and yiffing and other unnatural barnyard activities which were not found in Diablo 2…. um, yeah.

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