Recently, Blizzard Entertainment added two job openings under the category titled Unannounced. I wrote an article about it a few days ago. Since then IncGamers.Com has learned a little more reagarding the IP the positions will be working on.

    The job openings mentioned in this newspost are indeed for a brand-new game that has not been mentioned before.

    1. This brand-new game is not a World of Warcraft expansion, and it is not related to the Next-Gen MMO.

    2. At present, the brand-new game is using the World of Warcraft engine merely for testing purposes.

    3. The Client Software Engineer job opening is for someone to take responsibility for the development of a brand new engine for this game. This new engine will be built depending on the skill and interest of the person hired for this position.

    We encourage our readers who have the skills and fill the requirements for this job to step forward and submit a resume and code samples to [email protected]

    Source: IncGamers.com.

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