Since we’re now all FeMonk, all the time, here are couple of more useful images. We just created a new D3 Team folder in the image gallery, and besides a bunch of photos of the various key individuals on the D3 Team, it’s got quite a few high quality images of the team and their giant conference table, as seen on the Jace Hall Show. Thanks to MD for all of the screencaps.

    One of those shots featured a better look at her heavy armor look, so I cut it out and posted it separately. It can be seen below on the left; click it for the full size. Not only is the armor worthy of study (comically high shoulder pads and all) but check out her half-profile view. The different angle shows off her hair to nice effect, and I like her face a lot in this one. The expression gives her a thoughtful, contemplative look that’s more in keeping with the Male monk’s expressions and lore.

    Elsewhere, Inkarnus put together a nice collage of images that explore various aspects of the Female Monk’s look, features, and personality. Click it on the right for a much larger view.


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