FeMonk FanArt Submissions, Part II

Bashiok has posted an uber list of the fan submissions to the “Guess the FeMonk’s look” non-contest. See our first post on this for the previous submissions, only some of which were Monk-in-a-pink-tutu jokes. Or just browse the fan art gallery for female-monk tagged images.

Here’s Bashiok’s post, with the new submissions thumbed below it.

A couple days ago I was thinking “I sure could go for a breakfast sandwich.” And then I thought “HEY! We’re pretty close to revealing the female monk, let’s see what people think she’s going to look like.” And since those crazy kids on the twitter love this kind of thing, what better place to post an art challenge. Following is the original twitter request and the responses to date.

If you want to show off your female monk artwork it must be done through twitter. I’ll keep this list updated until around February 1st.

Everyone still seems to be going for an updated Mulan, despite the male Monk’s Rasputin-in-a-robe style? Not that some of these are exactly detailed enough to intuit her ethnicity. *cough*


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1 thought on “FeMonk FanArt Submissions, Part II

  1. Man, i love you people, if the game came out before it was done you’d be bitching about how they shouldn’t have released it in such a state. Especially the balance would make people foam at the mouth if it wasn’t near SC1’s, even if that game took 3 years and any pro-games after it came out to balance right. I’d rather wait till they get it right then have to listen to that.

    On a side note, i love the Anticipated Games pic there… those where the days.

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