Bashiok kept updating the femonk (female monk) concept arts that fans submitted for the nontest (non-contest) through February 1st, and here’s the last of them. The more aesthetically pleasing submissions (in my humble judgment) are visible here; click through to view the whole 22. You can view the previous entries in our first or second post on this issue, or see every single one of them in the fan art gallery under the female-monk tag. 


    No word yet on when we’ll see the actual female monk, but after all this build up it would be great if we got a proper unveiling. Not just one screenshot or piece of concept art, but a whole selection of images; several concept arts, and some good views in screenshots. Bashiok’s talked about her hair length changing during development, and it would be interesting to see before and after. Come on, web team. Impress us. What, are you saving it up the content for… the D3 collector’s edition?



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