Blizzard’s continued to preview some of the “gear sets” we’ll see in the Blizzcon demo. The second image, posted this afternoon, shows off the female DiabloWikiWizard. The image is to the right, and here’s the announcement, from the Diablo FaceBook page.

    Our armor preview continues today with a behind-the-scenes look at the female wizard sporting a red plate mail set. And keep in mind if you don’t happen to like that shade of red, it can drop in any number of colors, or be customized to your liking through the dye system. Thursday we’ll be previewing a set worn by the female barbarian, so check back.

    What do you think of this Wizard? Her outfit looks a lot less “new” than the Witch Doctor’s last week since numerous elements of her gear are shown in the male and female wizards now shown on the official site’s character selection screen.

    Note that this is not an DiabloWikiItem Set, but a “gear set,” which just means a full outfit of items of equivalent level. This reflects nothing of the magical modifiers on the items; it’s more like these are all equivalent to low level plate mail, in terms of defense provided. We’ve heard in the past that there are 18 such levels of armor. Bashiok said this one is some wherein the middle; about what your wizard might be wearing by level 20.

    @Diablo added a few more details about the gear:

    What level range is that? Looks ~40s eh?—teh Dingo

    Intended for end of normal, so, items looking like this would start in the late 20’s.—Diablo

    Do you know which part is Dyable? Either the orange or the.. tealish color I would assume—tehDingo

    I’m pretty sure it’s the red/orange areas.—Diablo

    are there capes/cloaks in the game? Apparently so.—theRobHimself

    There’s no item slot for them. It’s just look of this particular chest piece.—Diablo

    The image release schedule:

    Every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to BlizzCon on October 22 we’ll be sharing a behing-the-scenes sneak peek at a gear set that will be featured in the playable demo at the event. Please enjoy!

    No DiabloWikiMonk gear sets, presumably since they’re not yet finalized them all for the most recently-revealed of the four characters?

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