A day late but all the sweeter for the delay, Blizzard has posted the fourth preview of the “gear sets” we’ll see in the Blizzcon demo. This one shows off the female DiabloWikiWitch Doctor. The image is to the right, and here’s the short and sweet announcement, from the Diablo FaceBook page.

    Diablo This is the fourth (of six) behind the scenes previews of gear that will be seen in the playable demo at BlizzCon. Today, the female witch doctor. Enjoy!

    What do you think of this Witch Doctor? Very bright and colorful, a bit like a Mayan or Aztec cover version of a Kabuki mask, to my eye. It’s not known how, if at all, the female WD gear differs from the male; are their masks identical in every respect?

    Note that this is not an DiabloWikiItem Set, but a “gear set,” which just means a full outfit of items of equivalent level. This reflects nothing of the magical modifiers on the items; it’s more like these are all equivalent to low level plate mail, in terms of defense provided. We’ve heard in the past that there are 18 such levels of armor.

    Some twittage about the new gear, by a fan who liked the dramatic, sexy female Witch Doctor concept art more.

    The first art looks much more sexy.—Cromeshnic

    Yes, that old concept is not very representative of the female witch doctor. The actual character is more… real.—Diablo

    Also Bashiok returned to a thread about the male Witch Doctor’s gear set from 2 weeks ago to answer a couple of questions about this new one.

    One bit of confusion I’ve seen around is differences between male and female for each gear preview. The item looks are essentially the same for both genders of a class for each ‘tier’, but are of course tailored to match the proportions of the character.

    The item looks we’re showing are not necessarily the same tier across all classes.

    Why not have male and female only gear? I mean most men don’t walk around with a bra on, or a bikini…. I said most.

    Ah, yeah you can see her “naked” look underneath the set. Which is a sort of loose … bra… thing. The male witch doctor of course wouldn’t have that.

    So what tier is this one, then?

    5. Out of 18 or so.

    Also, any chance we can get multiple angles for these?

    Nope! It took many weeks to get assets captured and approved just for these single shots.

    Click through to see the full listing of all six gear set previews, four of which have now been revealed. Male Wizard tomorrrow, an unveiling that promises to be controversy-free! *cough*

    The gear set release schedule:

    Every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to BlizzCon on October 22 we’ll be sharing a behing-the-scenes sneak peek at a gear set that will be featured in the playable demo at the event. Please enjoy!

    No DiabloWikiMonk gear sets, presumably since they’re not yet finalized them all for the most recently-revealed of the four characters?

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