An interesting bit of video here from Blizzcon 2008. It’s a video report from the convention by the Girls Entertainment Network, and in addition to a number of interviews with convention-goers, there’s a bit of footage from the game that’s not previously been seen online. The tasty bit begins at 3:31, when the entire dialogue between the female Witch Doctor and Captain Rumford is heard.

    Rumford was the NPC who greeted new characters in New Tristram in the Blizzcon demo. He had different dialogues for each of the characters (and genders, though they mostly just changed pronouns), and was full of attitude and realism. He reacted to the Witch Doctors as most people would, “Who are you in your ragged bikini and what do you think you’re going to do against monsters?” was his message, more or less. Watch the movie and hear it for yourself.

    Thanks to ExtraCrispy for posting this one in the WD forum.

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